Old FaceApp — All You Need to Know About The Trending Old FaceApp and FaceApp Challenge

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People are using FaceApp again, and this time, it is bigger and better!

Going viral on the internet is a new mobile app that tells it’s users what they will look like when they age, and it is looking pretty accurate, hilarious, and sometimes very scary.

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Old FaceApp Review

If you have been online on any social media platforms recently, it is possible that you may have come across people sharing pictures of themselves, looking way older than they’re supposed to look. Exercise no fears, it is not the end of the world like you might be thinking. It is the doing of Old Faceapp.

Chris Hemsworth (THOR) doing the #FaceAppChallenge

Old FaceApp is the current buzzing internet sensation. It is simply an application software developed for fun lovers that enables users create pictures of how they may look in the future. Old FaceApp is a photo editing and image altering mobile application with an intelligent face recognition tool that is capable of morphing any face into what it might look like in future.

FaceApp is not a new app. It has been available and in use around for many years now, but like most internet trends and sensations, there’s an on and off time for a lot of things, and right now it looks like it is the on time for the Old FaceApp. The Old FaceApp fun and games have been making waves recently, with some of your favorite celebrities, family and friends engaging in the act of altering their pictures using the FaceApp application on Android and iOS, and sharing their results on social media using the hash tag #FaceAppChallenge.

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Nollywood A-list actress, Funke Akindele, and her husband doing the #FaceAppChallenge

Features of Old FaceApp

  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Plain navigation around the app
  • Free to download and use on Android and iOS
  • Full-sized filters
  • The app can change your hair color
  • It can change your make up and also your smile
  • You can add glasses and other items of your choice
  • Option to redo or undo any effect or filters before you save permanently
  • Mix and match styles

How to Use FaceApp

  1. Download and install FaceApp from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Launch the application after it must have been installed to your phone and decline the subscription offer to use the free trial mode
  3. Tap the camera button the middle of your screen
  4. Tap “Enable” to enable camera access, and give FaceApp access to your photos if you do not wish to use new selfies but already saved photos in your gallery instead
  5. Take a selfie, (or select an already existing photo) tap use, and navigate the filter menu
  6. Select “Age,” then select “Old”
  7. Save the end result, and share to social media with #FaceAppChallenge to join the challenge and see your friends’ reactions!


Old FaceApp can be downloaded for Android devices from Google Play Store and for iOS devices from iTunes Store.

Download from here

Other alternative secure download options for android include the following. Click on the links below to download Old FaceApp directly to your phone straightaway

Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) is not left out

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