Experiments Shows Wine with no Hangover Possible in the Future

 Hangover is definite, and a future without hangover is near. There are
people who love having a good time, they set out to have a great time with
their partner or friends. They go out to a restaurant, clubs, among other
places to have a nice meal or stay home to watch a movie among other
activities. The good time is usually characterized by having a drink which
could be a nice glass of wine. 

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After the
good time and drinking they call it a day and go to bed. Now in the morning, for
those who would have indulged themselves a bit more than needed with wine will
usually wake up feeling bad, having a pounding headache and will not be in good
shape, basically they will suffer a hangover.
The good
news now is that an individual can experience a good time including having some
drinks of wine and wake up the next morning feeling good without having a
A team of
researchers and scientists from the University of Illinois have been working on
ways to develop new wine varieties that will stop people from having a hangover
as well as its side effects but also help in improving the health of people. 
In the
publication, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the researchers and
scientists explained how yeast can help in making this type of wine. They
stated that foods and beverages that are got through the process of fermentation
are made with the help of a particular strain of yeast. They went on to further
explain that this strain of yeast and its genetic make up when added to food
and drinks can be changed when an enzyme known as RNA-guided Cas9 nucleus  is
added to it.
Now when
this enzyme is used and  appropriately added  it helps
in making new strains of yeast ,  that
when added to the fermentation process 
can  generate wines that will make
hangover a thing of the past as well as create and make healthy drinks that are
beneficial to people.
Associate Professor
of microbial genomics Yong Su Jin explained further when he stated:

“Wine contains the healthful
component resveratrol. With engineered yeast, we could increase the amount of
resveratrol in a variety of wine by 10 times or more,”
Now this
news may not go down well with environmentalists groups as they consider that a
genetically modified ingredient has been used.
The scientists
in the USA have altered for the purpose of their research the yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae,  that is mostly
used in wine industries. The scientists argue that the genetically modified
ingredient makes a great difference for the better, both in the nutritional
value of the product and will also prevent having a hangover.
Jin went on to explain:
“Fermented foods – such as beer, wine and bread – are made with
polyploid strains of yeast, which means they contain multiple copies of genes
in the genome.
“Until now, it’s been difficult to do genetic engineering in polyploid
strains because if you altered a gene in one copy of the genome, an unaltered
copy would correct the one that had been changed.”

Jin went on
to clear the air on any fears and doubts over the new experiment stating there
will be no harm done to people.