Facebook Reveals Improved Guidelines for its Site

Facebook Reveals  Improved Guidelines for its Site

In a move to make clear what is
acceptable or not, Facebook earlier in the week revealed improved guidelines
for using its website, Not quite long After Facebook plans to Extend its Messenger apps to include other

The move is seen as a response to
criticism by users who feel that Facebook was not doing enough to enforce its
rules and regulations on using the site.
Facebook stated that their rules,
regulations and standards have not changed and that these guidelines are not
new but are being improved upon as they respond to various questions and
requests from users and subscribers on what they are allowed to post. Therefore
the move is to state and clarify the stance of Facebook on its regulations as
well as provide a better and safer site which will be free from any bad
head of Facebook Head Global Policy Management, Monika Bickert said:
a challenge to maintain one set of standards that meets the needs of a diverse
global community.
one thing, people from different backgrounds may have different ideas about
what’s appropriate to share — a video posted as a joke by one person might be
upsetting to someone else, but it may not violate our standards”.
what do these guidelines entail and how do they affect users
will now ban pornographic images that are posted without the users consent.
Also users are not allowed to post such images of themselves. This is a welcome
development although some people will state this has taking a long time in
images include pictures of nudity of people although there are exemptions such
as art works.
there are criticisms that the ban and restrictions are not far reaching enough.
The reason for this is instead of such content be removed immediately when
seen, the user affected will have to report the problem to facebook, after this
is done they will have to wait for a staff of facebook to investigate the
report and then make a decision on whether they should take down the reported
support of certain groups on the Facebook platform is not allowed anymore.
Facebook refers to such groups as those involved in organized crimes and
terrorist activities. On the flip side graphic pictures which do not support
the action of human right abuses, terrorism, or violence are acceptable but if
such pictures are now distributed with bad intentions, such pictures will be
taken down and removed.
has once again stated its preference for people using their real names and will
want people to create a page rather than a personal profile if they want a
presence on the site.
A statement from the company guideline
“People connect on
Facebook using their authentic identities. When people stand behind their
opinions and actions with their authentic name and reputation, our community is
more accountable.