Google Newly Updated “On-Body Detection” Smart Lock Mode in Android Seems To Be Hitting Some Devices

 Google Newly Updated "On-Body Detection" Smart Lock Mode in Android Seems
undeniably one of the tech giants, is presently developing a new smart lock
mode called on-body detection as described by by Android
. This feature is described in the screens below, 

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 Google Newly Updated "On-Body Detection" Smart Lock Mode in Android Seems
 This device uses your accelero-meter to figure
out when your device is in your hand or pocket, and lock when it’s not. The
idea is that, if you leave your phone tightly fixed on a table or forget it somewhere,
it will lock automatically, preventing possible robbers or thieves from easily accessing your

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Although some Android device makers have already rolled out devices with
embedded fingerprint sensors that offer users added security features, Google has
yet to make it a core security feature for Android. But Google is
still working on its own interesting solutions for provisionally killing
the need for a PIN on smartphones, as the company has just added novel functionality
to Android 5.0 Lollipop that’s not only cool, but also very useful.
 The new On-body detection device , combined
with other security features including top 3 upcoming Android phones and most Android
including Trusted Places,
Trusted Devices and Trusted Face, should make using
a smartphone in areas designated as “safe” even easier.

One negative feedback or demerits  with the new feature was clearly  highlighted by  the giants Google: passing a device with
On-body detection activated to someone else will not relock the device, meaning
the person handling the device could access everything on it as long as it
remains on his or her body.

The On-body detection feature will
be rolled out to devices via a Google Play Services update that should hit
all smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 and later.