Google Releases Overwhelming New Android Wear Watch Faces

 Google releases overwhelming new Android Wear watch faces

Google has just release awesome new android phones
worth grasping,  only recently that Google Embarks on making android superior.

Considering customizing  your Android
smart watch? Google just on the rampage has released  a fresh batch of watch faces
based on some attractive breathtaking street graphic arts.

The new app includes more than a dozen pieces of street art, all modified to
fit Android Wear devices with rotund and four-sided displays. Once you pick a
watch face from the new selection, you’ll be able to customize how the clock

The remarkable giants  Google” has “tens of engineers” and
other staff working on an Android OS specifically crafted for virtual reality
devices. The software gurus apparently hope to distribute a free version
of Android to VR device makers, though it’s not clear when
Android-powered VR devices will be available to customers. Google
offers choices between standard digital, analog and minimal styles, the latter
of which swaps the antiquated watch hands for two small circles that alternate
around the screen. Finally, you can also choose to hide or show the date.

That’s all preferably for customization, though with so many dissimilar
watch faces to choose from, I strongly believe you should be able to find to
some degree what you like. With a bit of luck Google keeps releasing new
options moving forward. We’d love to see what else the company can come up
with, especially now that it’s feeling some heat from the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch.

Google’s new watch faces are available for free via Google Play. View photos
below  and get ready for action, you will
love it .

Google releases overwhelming new Android Wear watch faces
Google releases overwhelming new Android Wear watch faces
Google releases overwhelming new Android Wear watch faces
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