How can i Lose Weight Fast

How can i  Lose Weight Fast

 So many people out there are on the search for a possible way to lose weight  easily, yesterday a friend contacted me requesting i should recommend to him diets to help him lose weight fast or diet plan to enable him lose weight. But all i can suggest is stated clearly in this Article:

Note,  Skipping  in-order to loose extra pounds is an activity that is no longer confined to school playgrounds, it is now
being incorporated into many gym classes and a lot of professionals such as
boxers, footballers, swimmers and tennis players enjoy the benefits of skipping
as a part of their workout routine. It is an excellent way of keeping fit and lose weight fast . Read Also Experiments Shows Wine with no Hangover Possible in the Future

 Skipping is a very effective cardio exercise that boosts the heart rate up
thereby improving the cardiovascular system and helping you burn lots of
calories in a short period of time. It improves flexibility and co-ordination
and as a high impact exercise, it is great for building bones, trimming hips, thighs
and butts to keep them toned.

To start skipping, you need a jump rope, the rope has to be of the right
length, it must not be too long or too short as it can mess up the skipping for
you. To determine the right length of skipping rope you need, stand on the rope
and draw up the handle so that they reach your armpits, this is the right
length for you to use.

You need properly fitted athletic shoes, therefore get cross training shoes as
they offer a firm and supportive surface to protect the small bones in your
feet and stabilize your ankle. Your knees and hips need the extra cushioning to
reduce injury risk during the repetitive jumping motion of skipping. Then
decide on the surface you want to use to skip. Wooden surface or an impact mat
is good for skipping but do not skip on grass, carpet, concrete and asphalt

You can burn between 70- 110 calories during a 10 minutes session of skipping,
but if you are heavy, you need more energy to jump than a light person
therefore you burn more calories at the same intensity. Try to always remember
that it is a strenuous exercise, therefore you need to begin slowly by doing a
warm up exercise. March on the spot for 30 seconds, skip for another 30 seconds
and repeat the process. As your fitness level increase, you can increase the
length of time you skip.

Hold both ends of the skipping rope with your hands at each side, then rotate
your wrists in time with your jump. The jump should be small and make sure you
land on the balls of your feet, that is the area right under your toes and not
the heels, jumping on the heels can injure you. The rope should hit the floor
when your feet are off the floor.

Skipping is a high impact exercise but when properly executed, it can be a
medium to low impact exercise. In comparison to running, it is lower in impact
and causes less stress to the joint, thereby having a lower risk of injury.
Skipping also burns twice as much energy when compared to walking and it gives
you a feel good factor afterwards.

After skipping for a while and you feel your shins aching you, it could be shin
splints. These can be caused by irritated or swollen muscles or tiny breaks in
the lower leg bone. These can be as a result of overuse of the muscles. Shin
splints are common in high impact exercises such as skipping, all you need to
do rest for a while, ice your shin to ease the pain and reduce any swelling
every 4 hours for 20 minutes until the pain is gone or see your doctor if the
pain persists.

Skipping is very effective for losing weight because it involves almost every
muscle in your body, and the more the muscle work, the more calories you will

Skipping is not for everyone, if you have a joint problem, you need to avoid it
or more importantly, get medical clearance from your doctor to ensure that you
don’t have any physical condition that can be worsened by the exercise.