How to Easily enable one of the best security features in Android Lollipop

How to Easily  enable one of the best security features in Android Lollipop

 Google has updated One of the best
built-in structures of Android 5.0 Lollipop whose applications and features on security and
privacy is conc, even though it comes with one undesirable side effect: a hit to overall performance. Conversely, in its most recent
Lollipop update, Google has disabled the feature – default device
encryption – in order to increase the speediness of smartphones and
tablets already running Android 5.x.

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One important design everybody should be happy about is that it has full disk encryption which
is still present in Lollipop, it has detailed instructions on how to turn
it back on. The process is rather simple and experienced Android users are
probably well aware of it, as encrypting devices has been an option in earlier
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While that move may please users who aren’t interested in having all their
data protected by 128-bit AES encryption (it also definitely pleases various governing bodies), other Android users may want
to renewable, if privacy and security are concerns.

Though, you should know that the entire process can take some time, so you
should only do it when you’re at home or when you have access to a charger,
because the device must not run out of power while it’s undergoing
the encryption process.

The most important thing to do first is that you have to do is enable a
screen lock password, PIN or pattern lock by going to the Security
menu inside Settings. While it may be annoying for some people, lock
screen security should be enabled at all times, especially on encrypted
devices, so that your handset or tablet actually keeps your encrypted
data protected from others.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to tap the Encrypt phone/tablet
option in the same Security menu to start device encryption.

After the hour-long encryption process is complete, the device will
reboot and you’ll have to enter the password you’ve just set up to start using