How to Format your Computer System

How to Format your Computer System
 Formatting of systems this days hasn’t  been easy, I  often receive mails from friends complaining and raising similar alarms relating to system formating.So many issues re that of  formatting and reinstalling. Without much debate, i  know your upset
with the performance of your laptop, simply because of too many installed programs, malicious
software infection. One of the convenient and possibly the fastest way to
restore its original performance is with a complete hard drive format.

this process is complicated and can result in loss of data or failure to get
your operating system and programs back if you miss a critical step.

to cross check if you have all of the software needed to restore your computer,
and then use your recovery disc or Windows installation disc to format the hard
drive and re-install Windows properly. In order to format your system completely, kindly follow this steps;

Step 1
Ensure that you have the Windows product
key for your laptop. If you invariably bought the laptop with Windows pre-installed,
the Windows product key is normally on a sticker attached to the bottom of the computer.
Step 2
Make sure you possess the ability to
reinstall Windows. You need a Windows installation disc or the recovery disc
for your laptop. If your laptop did not include a physical disc, it stores the
original system files on a hidden hard drive partition. Confirm that the
partition works by pressing a keyboard shortcut displayed on the screen such as
“F8” or “F10” during startup. Your computer should also
include a utility
allowing you to burn the system files on a recordable DVD.
Step 3
Check that you have all of the software and driver discs needed to install your
programs and hardware device drivers. If you downloaded some of your software
from the Internet, find the installation files and save
them on a removable storage device.
Step 4
Back up all of the data on your laptop’s
hard drive. You can use a free program such as Clonezilla or DriveImage XML to
clone the hard
drive on an external drive. If you do not have a hard drive large enough to
hold all of the data on your laptop, you can back up the most
important files manually. However, formatting your laptop will remove
this data. If you forget something, it will be difficult or impossible to recover.
Step 5
Insert the Windows or recovery disc, and
restart your laptop. If you are using the hidden recovery partition, restart
the laptop and immediately press the shortcut key displayed on the screen. Follow
the instructions displayed on the screen to install Windows or perform a full
system recovery, and return your laptop to its original state.
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