How to Get Google SMS Alert on Mobile

Everybody is aware of the great significance and implication of setting up Google alert. Google Alert  play or acts as a  niche  propagator  in the blogosphere, Google Alert is an essential tool for enhancing and maximizing content trafficking and publicity. It is unarguably one of my much loved instruments, for now I really can’t do without it for a day. Am using it to receive alert on topics of concentration and interest and also to keep track of my name as
mentioned on related web pages and relevant contents cited. Now am going to show you how you can easily receive Google Alert as SMS to your mobile device or phone. Isn’t that levelheaded?
We are going to be using this overwhelming tool If This Then That (IFTTT) to create a formula for this drive to headlong Google Alert mail to Gmail  and then to our mobile device
Visit IFTTT and login to your account.
Click the This and select Gmail as the Choose Trigger Channel.
Select New email from as the trigger
Choose Trigger Channel.
Input [email protected] as the Email trigger.
Then if this condition has been set, next is the then that fill to be filled
  • Select SMS as the Action Channel, input your phone
    number, you will receive a 4-digit PIN, enter it to confirm your number,
    then follow the remaining few steps to create the formula created.
When next you receive a Google Alert, Google will be  notifying  you as per your content through  SMS on your mobile phone.