How to get Mtn data subscription codes and plans list

 How to get Mtn data subscription codes and plans list

Are you searching for Mtn data subscription codes? as one of the strongest communication giant, MTN has been offering series of freebies to its customers in the form of Roll over of data, free gifting and Auto renewal of data or subscription plan.

So it will be nice if we keep patronizing them without hesitation. Below I have listed Mtn data subscription codes and plans to help you out with your subscription ride after you might have configured  your phone for browsing .
Mtn provide a number of internet plans from as low as #5.00, with this amount you’re certain that surfing the internet is guaranteed.
See the list below and try them out carefully without any error.
 How to get Mtn data subscription codes and plans list
 IMPORTANT: Do you know with only 2500 you can get 4.5GB, Wow don’t worry you will get the code below.

MTN Internet Settings

To start enjoying high speed internet, you need the right settings on your device. Please follow these simple steps to get ready for an unbeatable internet experience.

  • Text SETTINGS to 3888, free of charge.
  • The settings will be sent to you by SMS, please save the settings as soon as they are delivered to avoid deleting them in error

For the best browsing experience, find below internet settings for difference devices;

Smartphones & Devices (Android, iOS, MiFi, etc)

  • Account Name: MTN WEB
  • Port : 
  • Username: 
  • Password: 
  • Access point name (APN):

Feature phones (WAP settings)

  • Account Name: MTN WAP
  • IP address (Proxy):
  • Port: 9201
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Access point name (APN):

To check that you have the right Proxy settings on your Smartphones, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click More Network or Mobile Network
  • Click Access Point Name
  • Click MTN GPRS or MTN WEB
  • Remove the Proxy IP address:
  • Remove the Port setting: 8080
  • Then save and browse again.

If you still have challenges setting up your phone, please visit the nearest MTN Service Center or Call 180.

Just send this code as text 102 to 131 and wait for confirmation, invariably you can dial *102# and subscribe instantly, the same goes for others.
Note that once you subscribe, you will receive 1.5GB to browse during the day and 3GB to browse or use in the night.
3GB FOR WEEKENDS that is Friday from 9PM – Monday 6AM and this goes for only 3000 and the interesting thing is that it comes with 505% bonus discount which give rise to an extra 1.5GB data for a duration of 30 days or 1 month.
To subscribe and enjoy any of the above listed data, just type 104 as text and
send to 131 you will receive confirmation and start surfing the internet for 10MB data plan and if you desire to opt for 750MB, you have to send the code 110 as text to 131 and you get your data sent to your phone as sms.
Alternatively just dial the [ACTIVATION CODE USSD] and send the data will be activated on your device or modems.
Most subscription above come with bonuses, just make sure you input this codes well
to ensure accuracy and devoid of error.
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