How to Set Up Google Alert

How to Set up Google Alert
We all know that Google Alert is a vital tool or platform for traffic boost, over the years there have been series of bell about Google Alerts and its efficiency and efficacy to generate massive and enormous traffic and related links. I’ve been using Google Alerts for the past months now, and I can tell you am beginning to see the  positive effect and impact.  I  was introduced to the idea by Joshua Omoraasy several months back.  It actually in a real sense follows the same design and configuration as every other link building strategy which is: You have to set it up correctly in order for it to be utilized.
Here’s what works and how you should use Google Alerts for maximum publicity, exposure and coverage.
First, start by creating your  quality content,  graphics, design, photos, video and/or infographic. Your objective is to produce content just like you would for your blog.
This should be high quality and in-depth so readers will find it of value. Once you have content written and published on your blog, it’s time to utilize the power of Google Alerts. If you don’t have a Google account, kingly sign up here by clicking on this link,
If you have a Gmail account you can log into Google Alerts by going to

Create a Google Alert

Enter the topic you wish to monitor


Type                  Comprehensive

often        Once a day

Your Email


Google will not sell or share your email address..


Next, here you setup the alerts you’ll like to receive and make sure they are relevant to the content you’ve just published. When you receive an alert relevant to your content you can start interacting with people who will find your content valuable. Within these alerts you’re looking for interrogations about the topic because it provides an opportunity to answer the question and link to your resource. In order for this to be extremely effective you should create a resource guide so when you provide your link, people will want to link back to it and share it on their social networks. Here are a few tips to help you setup the right alerts. When you first enter Google Alerts, you’ll be asked to enter keywords. Make sure they are question based keywords, because it will help a lot and possibly limit your stress.
For example, if you’re concentrating on “link building”, Use the following… “Common blogging
mistakes”,  ” How SEO works”, “How to link building”, How to build link  updates ,  common
link building mistakes, link building… OR alternatively if you’re focusing on Health tips on diet, you can possibly use the following keywords, such as Dietary nutrients, common health tips, mistakes during diet selection, how to maintain good healthy diet, diet for good health. You’ll notice from the alerts I’ve setup that they are question based and need an answer.
This is where you’ll jump in and provide your answer with a link back to your content. The more people you get your content in front of, the higher chances of someone linking back and engaging with it.