Make money from Soap making

Good day and welcome my beloved readers, in this post am going to expose to you  all the necessary skills and materials needed for generating money from soap making , I mean good money from Soap Production.

My next post will be on Liquid Soap Production.

In order to succeed effectively in this task of generating money from Soap making , you must understand firstly the following… don’t just think you can just wake up from your sleep after series of dreams and nightmares and rush into starting  the soap
making/production business.
Sincerely all interested and serious producers have made it big, some are wholesale
distributors currently and especially in a country like Nigeria where there are
no jobs.
 Meaning of PRODUCTION, Production is defined as the use of machines, tools and labour to transform raw materials into desired finished goods within a given period or over a specified time interval, in your production you must be time conscious.
This production can be in a Small or large scale depending on the range of human activation from hand craft to high technology usage of engineering equipment based on
industrial production.
Note that the production can be in BATCH OR CONTINUES; Batch production is the manufacturing techniques of creating a group of components at a workstation and transferring to another station directly or it involves the Production of Soap in this context in a small scale initially based on the demand and supplying to a range of demanding customers.
Every production starts in Batch before advancing to Continuous…. The paint,
Cosmetics and bakery factories OR industries practice Batch production. For the
CONTINUOUS production of Soap or any material will be producing constantly or
continually without interruption based or depending on the demand.
Now before proceeding, you must ensure that you have done your feasibility study on the area you intend to dominate or operate on, to enhance proper profit maximization and earn good money form  soap making/ production business.
Feasibility Studies is the act of determining accurately whether the soap production in a particular area can generate the amount of money you are expecting over a given period.
So you can see why it’s very important you need to conduct Feasibility studies before venturing into Soap Production business, although it’s very lucrative.
Now let’s go over to the production  process proper,,, Note that Everybody in this world uses Soap for their daily life activities ranging from bathing, washing of clothes, plates, equipment’s ,household utensils, cleaning, as antiseptic, antibiotic and lots more.
If you decide to produce 20 Cartons, packets or vessel of Soap in a day, and each containing vessel or carton sells for 4000 naira depending on the quality … that means 20 X 4000 =80000 in a day, and sincerely speaking the  soap making ingredients or  soap making materials and equipment used is usually very cheap and always less expensive, which will approximately not be up to 15,000 for the above production, imagine the huge money your generating from one batch production in a day,  But not comparable to paint  production though……in deed your generating good money from the soap  making business.
Then you’re happy to continue the next day.


You can embark on  different soap production, which can be Medicated, toilet,
Antiseptic soaps, bathing soaps, washing soaps……

Photo of Safeguard soap
Photo of Safeguard soap



SOAP is the sodium or Potassium salt of an Organic acid which is formed when Caustic Soda solution is heated or mixed with oil or fat.

The caustic Soda liberates glycerol from the fat or oil and forms the sodium
salt of the acid which is the Soap.

That is the Chemistry of Soap solution. Read About Standard Solution here…

Now you can produce or simply make Soap by Cold or hot method… In the cold system or Method, the soap is produced without the use of Fire except when the oil is sleepy, but in hot method the soap is produced with the use of fire or heat .
With the Cold System, the Soap produce has, more brilliant Quality hardly corrodes the
hand, no fear of fire outbreak, but the hot system is sometimes preferable to the cold system by some specialist because the heat involved contributes to effective mixing of the reagents and the quality and durability last for a long time.Now if you’re ready to produce this Soap of any type which you have learned from this
post….. The  soap making Equipment’s you need are

1.Fermenting tanks
2. Mixing tank
3.Cutting Machine/table (in place of this, a wire tied to two separate Short sticks can be used, please just be very carefully to avoid impurities in the soap)

4. Hydrometer-you really need a hydrometer for soap production in order for the soap to be of high quality. With this the concentrated of the Soap solution will be monitored and properly checked.
5.Measuring instruments such as cups is needed

Hand gloves is also needed accordingly, your colorant ,industrial eye glasses, one
strong paddle, simple machine for stamping of the soaps, Vegetable oil, groundnut oil, Palm kernel oil  or bleached palm oil.

The Major Ingredients used for this  Soap production whether its  TOILET SOAP,MEDICATED SOAP, ANTISEPTIC SOAP.

And all the Step by Step method of production including Start up cost and a proper business plan or proposal to enable you reach your target market audience can be obtain directly by contacting the Author

Irish Soap Sample
Irish Soap Sample



No one can be too young to own a company specifically Soap making company as the ingredients and equipment’s  are less expensive, it all depends on your mindset and the
level of inputs you are ready to invest, and I promise you can’t regret it, In whatever capacity, be it advice, assistance and many more that you require just contact or Email and you will receive an instant respond s from me directly

Do you have any additional information that will be useful with regards soap production?Kindly drop your comments BELOW, we appreciate!