Microsoft to Phase out Internet Explorer brand with Windows 10

Microsoft to Phase out Internet Explorer brand  with Windows 10
Microsoft has revealed that its Internet Explorer brand will be replaced soon signaling
the end of an era for the Internet Explorer 10, it further revealed that it is
working on a lightweight browser which has been code named; project Spartan
which would replace the internet explorer.

At Microsoft’s convergence conference in Atlanta on Monday, Microsoft’s
marketing chief, Chris Capossela said that the company was currently
researching on a new name and brand for the browser that will succeed the
internet explorer. He further went on to say that internet explorer 10 will
still be kept around in some versions of Windows 10 for compatibility reasons
and the new browser will take its place as the primary means for users to
access the web from a fresh Windows 10 install.

Microsoft to Phase out Internet Explorer brand  with Windows 10

Though Microsoft has not given the product a name but it will have the
Microsoft brand attached to it. The in-house research has also shown that the
product has an incredibly high appeal. Capossela showed off some research data
on the new name for the company’s browser versus the Internet Explorer and
putting Microsoft before the new secret name appealed to a high number of
Chrome users in the UK.
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Microsoft also revealed that the new browser will co-exist with Internet
Explorer 11 and will have two engines. One will be used for rendering modern
websites while the other engine will be used for legacy enterprise websites.

Microsoft is also working on ways of making money in the future and also
exploring making use of social media to do this. The company has started to use
artists to respond to twitter users with images that are personalized and one
of the images from the Xbox team was a success as it created attention and an
impressive figure of 35,000 retweets. Read Also : Twitter and Facebook Facing seperate Gender discrimination Lawsuit

In the mid 2000s, the Internet Explorer brand gained a poor reputation for
security and standard compliance. Even with Microsoft’s best marketing effort
and delivering a browser that is fast and capable with the latest version of
Windows, it has not been able to shake off the stigma and Microsoft’s former
internet explorer chief, Dean Hachamovitch left the company in December.

The Internet Explorer’s user share has suffered in recent years because of
stiff competition from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari
browser and the revelation that Project Spartan will not be an Internet
Explorer browser shows Microsoft’s admission of its failure to change the image
of the Internet Explorer.

The new project Spartan will come with a streamlined interface and some
features which will include Cortana support, a reading list that can save
articles for offline reading and synchronization between your phones and PC and
also the ability to annotate and clip pieces of web pages for easy sharing.