Top 10 inspiring bloggers to learn from

Top 10  inspiring bloggers to learn from
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Blogging pays massively
when you mean serious business. If you’re an aspiring blogger or just looking
for a little stimulation in your existence out of anxiety for experimentation. Honestly, here’s a list of 10 stimulating and
inspiring bloggers who all started out from the scratch and today they are all
smiling to their respective banks… bloggers are really making it big, I can tell
you confidently without retraction. JUST CHECK THIS OUT
See Gary Vaynerchuk.

He’s a very flamboyant and compelling
New Yorker blogger who gained internet eminence as the cracked and outgoing
host of Wine Library TV, a video blog that enthusiastically talked about
everything connected to wine. 
Through his series of online video
blogging, he fabricated his wine business from a $3-million-dollar-a-year wine
retail store to a $60 million dollar wine wholesale business. Gary Vaynerchuk
has built a multi-million dollar kingdom relating to his private trademark.
He’s a two-time best-selling author and co-founder of Vayner Media, a very
large digital marketing agency that works with some of the largest brands in
the world.  He’s been highlighted and featured in The Wall Street Journal,
GQ, and Time Magazine, as well as appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and
The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
See Rand Fishkin.
Rand Fiskin is a college loafer who drop
out  of school angrily due to finance  and inability to cope with school stress, he on
the go started his blogging career  about
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) back in 2004 while working for a family-run
web development company. He was also providing SEO consulting services to
little minor clients.
SEOmoz has since left the consulting
industry and as an alternative focuses exclusively on creating awesome SEO
software, as well as supporting a large community with educational resources
related to the search industry. It is understood that the company generates
millions of dollars each and every month from its software and subscription
services. The company also raised $18 million in 2012, which it has been using
to procure other companies. Rand is actively in succession of  running  the company and sporadically posts on the main
( Meet Pat Flynn.
Pat is one of the most encouraging
and inspirational bloggers in the world. After losing his job a few years into
his career, he was enforced to hike and support his growing family. He started
a website called “” to track his progress with various
websites and online money making projects. He has since built a gigantic
following and readership thanks to his limpidity and honesty. Still to this
day, Pat discloses his monthly earnings to readers, which has inspired
countless individuals. Pat currently attends industry discussions, runs a
regular podcast for his readers, and spends as much time as he can with his
family. Over the last 6 months, Pat has earned, on average, around $50,000 USD
per month.
Come across Brian Clark?
Brian Clark is the originator and
founder of Copyblogger. He in full swing started the blog back in 2006 as a reserve
 resource for businesspersons and
entrepreneurs to learn to be better copywriters, content marketers, and all about
“kings of content.” The blog has since grown to become an authority on creating
killer content for the web. With 100k+ subscribers, Brian got smart and
leveraged his readership to launch Copyblogger Media, which launched several
spinoff companies.
 These software companies include Scribe,
Synthesis, Premise, and StudioPress. The mastermind behind his business model
is that his loyal readers love him and line up to buy the marketing software
his company creates. Brian is still very active in the day-to-day running of  Copyblogger.
Bump into Andrew Sullivan?
Andrew started his blog, The Daily
Dish, proximate the end of 2000. By the middle of 2003, he was receiving about
300,000 unique visits per month. Just this year, Sullivan made some big changes
and decided to leave his other blogging gigs (formerly at TIME, The Atlantic,
and The Daily Beast) to work on The Daily Dish full-time. On launch day in
2013, the blog reportedly took in over $330,000 in recurring revenue, charging
an average of $20/month to readers.
Happen to meet Harvey Levin?
Harvey Levin is an American lawyer,
legal analyst, blogger, and celebrity reporter. His love for quality writing
and content projection is second to none. His website TMZ is a foremost
authority on celebrity gossip. You can frequently see Harvey hosting his
own TV show or performing as a guest on celebrity related matters on CNN, FOX,
and other networks. He managed to influence and leveraged the popularity of his
blog to build an individual brand for himself.
Ever heard of  Michael Arrington?
Michael is a serious and mean
blogger, and as such one of my favorite bloggers of all time. He started out as
a fusions and acquisitions lawyer working on tech deals in California. After grasping
and appreciating his appetite for the startup world, he decided to start a tech
blog called, where he profiled and reviewed some of the best
up-and-coming tech companies and entrepreneurs from around the world.
TechCrunch became one of the most widely read blogs in the tech industry, and
as a result, it was Acquired by AOL for $30 Million dollars. Michael used the
proceeds of the sale to become an angel investor and to set up his own investment
fund, CrunchFund, to invest in startups. Today, Arrington is still considered
to be a powerhouse and shaker in the basin.
( Meet Tim Ferriss.
Tim is a self-proclaimed life hacker
who built a massive succeeding online through his blog posts. He is the author
of the “4 Hour Work Week” which became an instant bestseller. He has also gone
on to publish two other best-selling books. He’s a regular speechmaker around
the world. He has also commercialized the idea of “lifestyle design” and living
an exceptional life. Tim is accredited and endorsed with propagating the
“internet lifestyle” or the ability of lifestyle entrepreneurs to work on their
laptops from wherever in the world.
( –  Have you Meet Timothy Sykes?
Tim started blogging to document how
he turned $12,000 of his Bar-Mitzvah Money into over $1 million dollars. He has
expanded internet prominence for being an authority on Penny Stock trading. His
blog has hundreds of thousands of visitors, which has allowed him to launch
additional companies like, which educate other traders on trader
strategies. He can frequently be seen making television appearances on ABC,
CNN, FOX, and CNBC about stock market matters.
Meet Darren Rowse.
Darren is another blogger who you
have to know about if you want to become a successful blogger. He started
blogging as a leisure pursuit. He blogged about the Olympics and his appetite
for photography, then eventually started Problogger, a website dedicated to
helping other bloggers. Darren is currently a full-time blogger and started
making money from advertising deals, affiliate programs, adsense, and selling
an e-book. Darren has gained quite a bit of fame online and was named to the
Forbes Internet Celebrity list in 2007. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with
his family and still makes a full-time living from blogging.

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