10 Branded Essentials for Conference Organizers and Participants

10 Branded Essentials for Conference Organizers and Participants
Attending a
conference can be a great experience. It lets you stay on top of the news
related to your field or the field of the conference you are attending. It’s
also a great opportunity to network, meet new vendors and suppliers and to
position yourself as an expert. It´s an excellent opportunity to have fun.

As a
business owner, Entrepreneur or conference organizer you may be more interested
in networking than any other thing. It’s the best way to get noticed, get
referrals and help your business grow. This is why it´s important not to pass
out on this prime networking opportunity and make the most out of the
In order for
this experience to be the most rewarding, you must be prepared and have the
right material at hand. Whether you’re the conference organizer or the business
owner or entrepreneur, we decided to decide to list the 10 most important
branded essentials to make your conference experience, one of a kind:
In conferences event
badges are a perfect way to identify the attendees and even to promote the
event. As a Conference organizer you could put your event information: logo,
dates, place, and on the backside the event´s schedule.
As a business owner or
entrepreneur even though the conference organizers give an event pass, you can
make an event badge for all your team members. You can highlight the
information about your company, logo, website and social media, anything that
goes along with your branding.
2) Business Cards:
There is never a second
chance to make a first good impression, so having an attractive business card
at hand is a must. It helps reflect who you and your company are. They help
people have an idea of what the company does and when it would be of use. It’s
a must have item if you plan to network and spread the word about who you are
and what you do.
3) Staggered Cut Flyers:
Staggered cut flyers let
you display different messages using smart distribution. It´s the perfect way
to create an information pack of your products.
4) Brochures:
Well designed brochures are
a great way to showcase what your companies does, its message, features and so
much more…
5) Pocket Folders:
Pocket folders are
useful. You can put all your company´s promotional material neatly organized,
to give away to the people that assist the conference.
6) Retractable Banner
If you want a perfect way
to advertise your company or event, then the retractable banner stands are your
ideal choice. They are convenient and easy to assemble.
7) Custom Made T-Shirts:
Everybody likes a free
T-shirt. Why not give them away on the conference but with special information
about your company or event, so you won´t be forgotten and people take it were
ever they go for others to see. What a wonderful way to spread the word…
8) Table tents: for the
Table tents are the
perfect way to promote a product, service since it doesn’t occupy much space
and depending on the information you put on them they can also be an ideal gift
(e.g. a calendar).
9) Stickers:
Stickers are extremely
versatile and functional promotional piece. You can use them to decorate favor
bags or even as product labels, with your company’s information. A highly effective
and cheap way to promote your business.
10) Souvenirs:
Take the time to hand out
branded or fun items that will be useful and keep your company’s name present
for a long time. Handy office supplies with funny industry-relevant quotes can
do the trick. For example tote bags filled with personalized Tees, printed cube
post-its, magnets, mugs, and calendars.
There is so
much things you can do at a conference to highlight your business, spread the
word and get referrals. All you need is the right materials at hand.
We put up
just a short list of suitable branded essentials to have at a conference, just
to set your imagination at the flow. The list is innumerable.  
Think we
left out important branded essential to have at a conference? Do a creative
idea at hand that can be great for branding? We would love to hear your
thoughts, so leave a comment below.