Five Hottest Tech Jobs With $100,000 Per Year Opportunity : For M.Sc Holders

All over the world, technology remain a significant
contributor to sustainable economic development. Sometimes I ask myself, where
all those innovations come from? Well if you guess, creative imagination is the
main source. Yes, human brain is the machine that powers all the amazing
innovations you’ve experienced in your life. Maybe you are somehow already
working in tech but not in a creative role, kudos to you because you are one of
the contributors.

Perhaps you’ve heard and read a lot about the lucrative
sides of tech and it seems so unreachable. Here is a review list of the highest
paid jobs in tech as at 2014. Below here you’ll also get some qualification
details for each of the jobs. So if you have maters degree in mind, you will
see some interesting options and relative alignment.
  1. Data
From many facets of IT including
mobile, cloud, social and wearable devices/apps, data explosion is happening
everywhere. Consequently, this results in growing demand for professionals who
can create big value out of big data. Even in other sectors like
transportation, health and financial services, there is always an opportunity
for creating or extracting value out of pure data mining and analytics. To put
numbers behind this trend, Mackinsey Global Institute estimated by 2018 there
will be 140,000 – 190,000 unfilled data big data related jobs in the US. Hence,
there’s no surprise why jobs in this niche commands salaries that range from
$106,000 – $150,000 per annum. To step your foot into the doors where one or
more of these jobs exist, an M.Sc in or Ph.D in math, statistics, physics, bio
informatics, computer science and software engineering will serve your
interests. But if a bachelor’s is all you have now, you can consider an online
masters degree in software engineering, data science or predictive business
analytics. From the above information you can see that entry is not limited to
people in computer science and usual tech majors that comes to mind. However,
in addition to your degree, you’ll need some 2-5 years experience in the
related field and technologies.
  1. Software
Although the title ‘software
egineer’ can stand alone on its own, software engineering talents can also be
applied in other fields. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics there are over 1,042,402 people working currently as software
developers in the US.
And I bet you, all of these people aren’t working solely in IT. To get a typical
job in this market, four years bachelor’s degree is usually required in
information technology, computer science or software engineering major. But if
you want to scale up to the high earning class, you’ll need a master’s in one
of the major career paths. In addition to this, some 2-5 years experience will
certainly help; possibly better if you have it before your masters. See
affordable online degrees in this link.

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  1. Mobile
    Application Development
By 2020, there will be over 4
billion smart mobile devices in the hands of people around the world. That’s
the statement according to Andreseen Horowitz, one of the leading venture
capital firms in Silicon Valley. As smart
phone penetration continues around the world, so is the demand for mobile apps
across both consumer and enterprise segments. Interestingly, if you ever
dreamed of working in a career field where demand exceeds supply, mobile is
just one of them. Practically, you can always undertake some self training with
many free online resources, but if you need one of the high paying jobs in
mobile a standard degree will be required. You can get in and start from any of
the courses in software engineering. For further insights, see this article on
  1. Cloud
As at the time of this writing,
there were over 60,000 cloud computing jobs available inside LinkedIn alone. As
the case may be, this is one of the few career paths with big rewarding
opportunities for the most skilled and experienced people. However, you can
start from where you are and make investments towards building up your skills
in this field. Reading this right now, you could be a student or a working
professional in any of the related areas. If that is you, then it means you are
seeking and getting the right information. With 2-5 years experiences in any of
the other related disciplines mentioned earlier, you are positioned for a
seamless entry into this hot space. At that level, pursuing and adding a
masters degree in cloud computing maximizes your earning potential. For more insights
into typical job requirements, see this job description.
  1. Security,
    Security, Security
Maybe you have never experienced
any security breach online before, but it happens every now and then. From
individuals, to companies and governments, cybercrime is a threat that often
results in billion dollar losses on annual basis. While doing a research one
day, I discovered for the first time that there is a seeming lucrative
underground market for online criminals. Here is a market where people buy and
sell different types of software and services to unleash their criminal
intents. Such realities underscore the need for highly skilled security
professionals who can think, plan and act ahead of the criminals. Security in
cyberspace can be very vast as well, but the hottest verticals are in mobile,
data and cloud. To upgrade your digital security expertise, you can come in
from any of the other professions mentioned so far. A typical job here in the US pays
$100,000+ especially if you have considerable years of relevant experience and
some certifications. See the Borderless  Campus guide to cloud computing
With $15,000 – $50,000 online
masters degree, you can start today towards building up your qualifications for
any of the hottest tech jobs discussed above. If you are already working in
these fields or have an interest in getting in, share your experience or
questions in the comments sections.