Great Benefits that Captcha Brings to Your Online Business

 Captcha makes surfing
the internet safe and secure, If you frequent the web world, you must be
well-versed with the term CAPTCHA. In fact, they are those
twisted words which enable or block entries into websites. Whether you want to
post an ad, or wish to comment on a blog post, you must have encountered a
CAPTCHA which stands as a gatekeeper controlling your entry and judging whether
you are a human or a spamming machine.

scientists have found out that the best way to keep away spammers is to use
language images. A randomly generated text is taken and the image is
manipulated, so that a human can just read the same while a computer trying to
capture a picture cannot.  
might be wondering why CAPTCHAs only make use of images of letters and not of
anything else, such as pictures like a cat or a beach. The answer is simple-
images like this are harder to interpret as there is no exact answer; it
depends on the user or the visitor. If you are asked to interpret an image of a
beach, it might evoke a wide variety of response- ocean, sunny day, sand, sea,
and so on. In contrast to this, a CAPTCHA that makes use of letters can only be
paired to a specific answer.  
The major advantages of using
distinguishing between humans and automated computer programs, CAPTCHA offers
safety and security in a number of ways. Let us now discuss the most important
benefits that CAPTCHA brings:
registration forms in websites
: A number of websites
such as Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and so on offer free
registration to the users.Therefore, to protect the registration process,
these websites have incorporated CAPTCHAs. In fact, for any site that is
offering free registration, it is best to set up a CAPTCHA, so that all the
registrations are done by humans and not programs or bots.

Great Benefits that Captcha Brings to Your Online Business

spam comments:
Spammers are capable of bombarding a
single post with hundreds of comments. In case such a thing happens, search
engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google would be assuming that websites that have
lots of comments for a single post are inviting spams. To avoid this, it is
essential for the website owners to make use of CAPTCHA, so that only human beings
are capable of posting comments.
online shopping more secure:
Owners of online stores
generally fit CAPTCHAs within their site so that buyers can fill them before
beginning any kind of transaction procedure. In an online store, the purpose of
CAPTCHA is to ensure that those who are ordering products or services are
humans only. Moreover, by using it, owners of online stores can bring down the
risks of receiving fake or spam orders.
email accounts:
A number of people have experienced some
issue or the other with their email accounts in which the account has been
taken over by malicious people or hackers. In case you have been a victim of
something like this, you must know the detrimental effects that this issue
brings. You will find that you cannot log in to your account anymore.
Great Benefits that Captcha Brings to Your Online Business

This is not all;
the worst part of this problem is that there is high probability of your email
account being misused. To evade the risks associated with such problems, email
service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo, need users to fill a CAPTCHA
whenever they require to send emails at a fast pace.  
Want to avoid CAPTCHAs? Try these
 Captchas can be very troublesome in some
cases. There are many who do not like the concept of distorted images in their
websites. If you are one among these people, there is absolutely no need to
worry and you can opt for the following alternatives:
The Math Puzzle: In place of trying hard
to understand a garbled-looking word, you may be asked to find the solution to a
simple mathematical problem such as “How much is 5 + 3?” Blind people as well
as people who can see would be able to solve this problem. The main trick here
is to incorporate problems that can be solved by all human beings irrespective
of their education levels, while automated software bots would find it
difficult to solve them.
There is an interactive service by the name of ‘Are
You a Human’ which calls for the user to undertake completion of an interactive
game, prior to submitting a form. In the game, you just need to click and drag
objects, which is definitely a more funny activity compared to asking people to
identify and replicate CAPTCHA images.
Great Benefits that Captcha Brings to Your Online Business

The Timing Trap: In
case you are a human being, you might be taking a few minutes to fill in the
different fields present in a web form while a software bot can do the same
within a jiffy. Codes can be incorporated within a website to measure the time
taken for filling a form and accordingly it will be judged whether a human or
an automated program has done it. However, if you are using a web browser like
Firefox or Safari which remembers your standard information and fills it every
time for you, this trick is not effective, as it might wrongly conclude that
you are a software bot.
Using a checkbox: A great method of keeping spammers at bay without
causing any kind of annoyance to users is the replacement of CAPTCHA with a
plain and simple checkbox. This can be crafted with the help of a client-side
JavaScript, wherein spambots would not be capable of ticking the box as it is
only for display to users across the client-side. This is very easy to complete
and hence enhances the user experience.

Great Benefits that Captcha Brings to Your Online Business

have seen that there are numerous benefits of incorporating a CAPTCHA within
your website. It offers you protection in different ways, saving your time,
money as well as identity. Still, if you do not like CAPTCHAs, you have your
alternatives and can easily go for them. Next time you come across a CAPTCHA while
trying to enter into a website, remember that it is not an unnecessary
annoyance but an endeavor by the website owner to secure the integrity of the
online presence and to render the best possible service.