Hospitality Sector – the Future aspects of online marketing?

Written By: Sneha Agrawal
The competition
is huge and is on a rising scale, especially in hotel industry. Travelers,
before booking a holiday trip actually browse through atleast 20 travelling sites
and go through a list of hundreds of hotels in an area. The present statistics
says that online travelers industry is 148.3 million*. Not only that, the
percentage of such population is growing every year. Let it be a professional
trip or a holiday trip, about 57% *of people plan their trip online, either
directly or via these travelling sites.

with travelling sites
It is important
to note that online hype has increased immensely, especially in hospitality
sector. These sites make suggestions to travelers on hotel options and it
becomes a great advantage for any hotel to be in the suggestion list of
travelling sites. Also, travelling sites provide combo offers (flight + hotel)
to their customers and travelers go for such option, a reason enough to
collaborate with as many travelling sites as possible.
website design
 There are a few requisites of a good site and
until and unless a business abides by the rule, the business will keep
witnessing that crowd which bounce back just from the home page. Below
mentioned is a list that can be taken as a start point.
  • High quality photographs of hotel,
    rooms, restaurants, bars and etc
  • Easy navigation
  • Good landing pages
  • Informative and interesting blogs
    on travelling, site seeing, and etc
  • Good overall presentation 
  • Easily downloadable brochures