The New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 series
The Galaxy S6 series

Samsung currently is the lead to follow, No other OEM get
close to them in the high end segment of technology gradient. Without any doubt, you all
know that if you’re apparently searching for a premium Android phone and have money
to spree out, Samsung is the best direction to follow.
Beforehand, Samsung
excellence survival was halted by Google’s seasonal Nexus line, which are
mostly a cult item. While its insanely successful flagship devices contributed
to its rise to the world’s top smartphone maker in ‘13 and ‘14, Samsung has
undoubtedly  come under scrutiny to
deliver even more innovative and novel devices and delightful user experiences
from the likes of Xiaomi, which sprang or emanated  virtually from nowhere to become the world’s
third largest smartphone maker, and apparently , Apple, whose iPhone 6 release
have sent huge signal of  new heights of
mobile dominance and profitability.

The Galaxy S6 series is indisputably Samsung’s latest
gambit, the play that will determine if they are still in the game. From experience,
I can say categorically that the chances are pretty good. I got the chance to
play with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and I have speak boldly in an open
display of love and ionic enthusiasm for this device.
! My readers bombarded me with
interesting comments and I must say, it was worth the time. Few days ago, if am
not mistaken, that should be early hours of Friday, i posted and Update on the
available of Samsung galaxy for sale in the Us, if you haven’t visited those
post,please do that now and come back for this review.
The New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Without missing words, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is
interestingly  the looker. But it’s also
got quotient, to go with that seriously. The novel Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with
a 64 bit Octa-Core Processor, that is complemented with 3 gigs of RAM. It
doesn’t get much faster than expected (seemingly, that will take a
corresponding toll on the battery). All connectivity options are on point,
including 4G LTE capability — not that it’s useful in Nigeria, but it’s there
if you ever need it. You would be hard-pressed to find a competing device that
can match the Edge’s 16 megapixel shooter on the back and 5 megapixel selfie
camera in front. The Edge runs on the latest version of Android, with a light Touchwiz skin of course.
 Moreso, there are
couple build quirks that long- time Sammy fans will probably take exception to.
The Edge’s batter is the non-removable variety, and there is no memory card
slot. Samsung has done its best to remedy these demerits, but we are still
optimistic. The battery life is graphical and the slope can always be
calculated (depending on usage), but the Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a
turbocharger that can take it from 0 to 100 percent in just over an hour. On
the storage bit, you can choose from 32, 64 and 128 gigabyte internal storage
models if space is a concern. Personally, I am diagonal to memory cards because
it just makes it easier to transfer pictures, music and all the other stuff I
hoard without bothering with the still non-trivial issue of fast and affordable
The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display
 The new Samsung
Galaxy S6 Edge, comes with   a 5.1” Quad
HD SAMOLED screen, it’s resolution is twice of high definition quality – in
simple term. The dual edged display creates an intimate  3 dimensional effect. But the curved edges
serve more than an aesthetic purpose.

 With Galaxy S6 Edge!
Commonly referred to as the  People Edge:
You can easily  Start new conversations
or respond quickly to alerts from the most frequent contacts by means of a
colour-coded system that sits on the edges of the screen. Many other devices
and platforms offer similar shortcuts to contacts, but accessing them from the
edges of your screen makes it interesting on part on S6 novel innovation
experience .

Lights and Notifications:
Lights and Notifications: Samsung Galaxy S6
One interesting notification in S6 is that One of the long
notification lights can be turned on to glow when the phone is turned over on a
surface. This can be combined with the People Edge feature. With both selected,
the Edge will light up with the same colours assigned to frequent contacts.
Notifications such as: missed calls, messages or email, can be pushed to the
Edge (of your) screen.
Advanced  Information
 Feeds can be customized to appear in any order on the Edge
screen. Seemingly with   additional
settings for individual information feeds. In conjunction with  the weather option, temperature measurement
in degree Celsius and kelvin, refresh rate and current location can be selected
at ease.
 Night Clock: The
Night Clock feature works on either side of the phone screen. When the screen is
temporary in sleep mode, the display is still dimly visible. A quick swipe up
and down the edge will illuminate the edge, giving a better view.
The night clock can 
only be set for a maximum of 12 hours and automatically disables when
the phone hits 15% battery status.
What you must Know ! The Performance Battery Like I said
before, the processing power that Samsung’s packed into this device will likely
take a toll on the 2600mAh battery, especially for power users. But if you
don’t don’t touch it too much, the Edge can stay on for days. My sample took 3
days to run out of juice.
 But it wasn’t like I
was watching YouTube videos or making international  phone calls. The interesting fashion  is that the Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an
adaptive fast charging/charger feature that really works. Even a thirty minute
sip of power will reward you with sufficient fuel to keep going for hours.
There’s also the option of wireless charging with the Edge. The pronounce
demerits of this feature is that for  
the charging pad you need, is not included in the box, it’s a separate
5MP front camera, 16MP rear camera
 Samsung S6 Edge will
definitely Wow your experience without any doubt.
 With 5MP front
camera, 16MP rear camera and 0.7 second activation for faster response, who
needs a DLSR when you’ve got this? I’m just kidding, photogeeks, but this
camera is that good. You can shoot HD quality YouTube videos with this novel
designer. A shot taken with the Galaxy S6 Edge camera The Galaxy S6 Edge has a
selfie, wide selfie and virtual shot modes without cross multiplication. The
selfie mode is for the normal front camera shots that you know. But that’s
where normal ends.
 The 5MP camera has a
90-degree wide angle lens, which makes a wide selfie a reality and the
possibility of projecting 100/2. The wide selfie works by panning the front
camera to capture objects into one image. With the virtual shot, objects are
captured in 3D. You know, the movable kind. The only issue with this is that of
course, this image format is proprietary to the Galaxy S6 Edge, and what’s the
point of an awesome picture format that loses its awesome factor once its
shared with other people that don’t have the same kind of device? Images
captured with virtual shot become normal pictures when sent and viewed it on
another device.
 Touch ID
The fingerprint scanner is way better than before, Majority
of Galaxy S5 users put down the fingerprint scanning method of unlocking the
phone for it’s unreliability. The Galaxy S6 Edge has improved on that. The
registration process involves a progressive build-up of a fingerprint,
including the fingertip. This makes it more accurate for unlocking purposes.
Multiple fingers and thumbs can be registered and directly assign.
Speakers – It’s all about the bass, You know the boombox of
the 90s, the kind that jockeys carried on their shoulder.
The New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
 If you know, say
yes!. The speakers of this phone can be likened to that, and I’m not
exaggerating. It’s loud and it’s got bass and not that we expected it to, but
it doesn’t sound China phones with irregular vibrations, when such does makes a
noise, you will know.  It has got Beauty,
brains, AND bass.
 Demerits Of using
Samsung Galaxy S6
 What aren’t you
telling me? Speak your mind!
With such great and excellent feature, one might ponder if
any disadvantage exist,  but there are
some things I didn’t like. If I must be sincere, personally I do not enjoy the
in build memory design , were all my data has to be in one domain, in case of
any accident or a near miss, my significant Data’s  will be no were to be recovered, engrossed with its in build battery….Hmm.
I didn’t like that I constantly had to wipe down the phone
as it’s susceptible to smudges. You might want to get a protective casing to
avoid that.
 Preferably one that
won’t detract from the beauty of the phone. It’s really not fair to cover up
something this beautiful. Another thing is the grip is not the best. Metal
bodies are sexy as hell, but they have a scary habit of slipping through
fingers. All the time I had the device, there was the nagging fear that it
would leave my hand and kiss the floor.
 Again, a protective
casing with a better grip would go a long way. This is not as much a con as it
is a pertinent consideration.
 The Galaxy S6 Edge
supports only nano SIMs, nanotechnology and its application! I love this.  So you’ll either have to cut your regular
micro-SIM to size or do a SIM-swap. These typically should take just a few
minutes and one visit to your network provider’s support centre.  I want to be able to find stuff easily,
without having to swipe left and right, up and down. but the Galaxy S6 Edge
doesn’t have S5’s waterproofing; probably because the S6 Edge has a metal and
glass body.
 I presume
analytically that we don’t always get what we want. I wasn’t able to
examine  the Samsung Pay, which is
similar to Apple Pay. But I have to say, with the S6 phones’ new designs,
Samsung has addressed the predominant critiques of 2014’s Galaxy S5, viewed by
many as an uninspired doppel ganger of the Galaxy S6.
The Price ?
From the look of things, a novel  phone of this magnitude  can’t be this sweet and not cost a pretty
flower. Be prepared to shovel out Kobo from the inbox hole, although there should
be wiggle room on pricing because of the storage options (32, 64 and 128GB).
Currently there is no official word on pricing from Samsung
until sales begin locally on April 17th.
Maybe I should go for this phone?. As far as am
concern,  the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is
in a galaxy of its own. It’s got a stunning display, runs like a dream, and
takes pictures like a pro. Buying this phone will probably hurt your wallet a
bit. But you can be forgiven. It’s definitely a device worth splurging  on. If you do miss out there might  be a second chance when the well is dry. 
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