Top Ten Android apps You Shouldn’t Miss Out Buying

Top Ten Android apps to Strive for

Android apps has made life much easier and more fulfilling
in recent time. With the increasing demand for Smartphones and tablets in
the consumer market, the popularity of android apps is also experiencing a
steep rise. 

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I bet you will love it. People
across the globe are downloading these top ten apps to such a great extent that the
phrase ‘android apps’ has almost become synonymous with mobile devices. Keeping
in mind this ever increasing popularity, let us probe in the world of android 
apps and discuss on the top 10 android apps.  I also strongly recommend that
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1.  Google Now:  One of the most powerful android apps Google has invented is the Google Now app. A
perfect solution for your need for a personal assistant, Google Now is great at
predicting what you need and helping you with beneficial information at the
right moment. This is done by automatic display of cards containing time and
location relevant details. So, next time, you think of hiring an intelligent
and efficient personal secretary, just think of Google Now!  Readers also
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2. Dolphin Browser HD:
The Dolphin Browser was initially developed to empower  top Android  apps with multi-touch
capabilities such as pin-zooming, before Google officially included the feature
in Android’s conventional browser. The current version, Dolphin Browser HD,
offers fabulous user-interface and widespread configurability along with an
add-on framework. This  android app provides you with a bunch of exciting things,
including support for a number of plug-ins, synchronization with Google
bookmarks and establishment of custom gestures. The most noteworthy reason
which would definitely make you download the app is the capability of creating

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3. Snapchat: One of
the premier creations coming out of Silicon Valley’s closet, the Snapchat app
offers you the quickest way to share moments through pictures, videos and messages.
The most striking feature about this  android app is that photo senders can even set a
timer, following the completion of which the picture received in the
recipient’s phone disappears. This Snapchat application can be used as a
crucial marketing tool, making room for some innovative advertising. If you are
a marketer by chance, discover some exceptional ways to woo your target
audience with this app!   
4. Photoshop Touch for
If you have an artistic bent of mind, give a real boost to the same with
Photoshop Touch for Phone. With the help of this app, you are capable of
transforming images with power-packed Adobe Photoshop features. Photoshop Touch
allows you to apply effects, combine layers and even share the images across
Twitter and Facebook with your family and friends. So, gear up to make some
funny, beautiful, or creative pictures and pass it around for others to enjoy.
The Photoshop Touch app is easily downloadable on Google Play.   

5.Mint: For those
extremely keen on working according to a monthly budget, this is exactly the 
best android app. Whether you wish to know the amount in your checking account or want to
confirm if you are exceeding your monthly budget, this app is ready to answer
all your queries. You just need to have this app and a Mint account, and all
your financial information will be at your fingertips. It might seem weird or
even a little scary to have your entire banking information stored in an app,
but rest assured, there will be a password for protection of the app. Keep in
mind that there is no real money movement. You simply get to know your spending
and the amount that is left.  

6. Flipboard: Flipboard joined the Android  applications bandwagon in
2012. One of the choicest  android apps for social sites and news services, Flipboard
facilitates retrieval of articles from popular social networking sites like
Twitter and Facebook as well as from online publications. The beauty of its
swipe-friendly UI is something you would definitely cherish. A simple swipe
with the finger with help you move to the subsequent page while going through
an article. Flipboard even allows you to display photos or posts that your
Facebook friends have shared.     

7. SwiftKey 3: For all
those out there, who would simply do anything to shun Android’s stock keyboard,
this is some real good stuff. SwiftKey 3 offers more effective spelling
correction and comes with a convenient UI and a bigger spacebar. The most
notable aspect of this app is its word prediction capabilities. SwiftKey 3 is a
great learner and gets well-versed with your writing style in no time, offering
you efficient predictions of words you intend to type next. Amazingly, this app
can even predict names of places or people you frequently visit or interact

8. SnapPea: Wish to
gain control of your Android phone right from your desktop? Well, the SnapPea
app fulfills your wish with its wide array of features. It helps you organize
and manage your pics, music and contacts at your convenience from your desktop.
In other words, SnapPea lets you synchronize your files, videos and apps with
every Android device that you have. It’s indeed time to say goodbye to all
those struggles with device permissions and wires. The good news is that you
can install this app on all Windows operating systems for syncing and
controlling data across an Android device and the computer.   

9.WhatsApp Messenger:
This is an application  that can really boost your social life by connecting you to
colleagues, family members and friends, like never before. WhatsApp Messenger
lets you come out of the conventional world of SMS text messaging and take a
forward leap into the world of Smartphone ‘messenging’. Capable of operating
across all prime platforms, this app works through synchronization with cell
number and the address book of the phone. Amazingly, it renders support to
voice messages, image and video, and facilitates free messaging amongst
WhatsApp users worldwide. 

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NewsRob: If you are
looking for some rapid scanning of RSS feeds, then NewsRob  wonder Android app offers a great
choice. This app provides you with a clean interface and with just a few simple
clicks; you will be able to send stories to your EverNote, Twitter account,
email, and also to Instapaper. You would be amazed to know that this app can
enable you to scan around 150 headlines within a matter of 20 minutes. Maybe
your need for information is not that urgent, but however, the RSS reader can
indeed be a great reason to choose NewsRob.    

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