What are Conjugate Base

What are Conjugate Base
ConjugateBase are group of molecule or compounds formed when an acid loses one ionisable
hydrogen atom or proton. You might love to also study How to calculate pKa from pH? 

Invariably, Conjugate bases are formed when a
corresponding acidic compound loses one of its displaceable hydrogen atoms. For
example, the conjugate base of Ethanoic acid ( CH3COOH) is CH3COO-
.  Now take for example, Find the
Conjugate bases of the following compounds, H2SO4, C2H5OH,

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Conjugate base                          proton
1.     H2SO4,                                             HSO4
 –                               H +       
2.     C2H5OH                                            C2H5O-                               H +  
3.    HCL                                                  
Cl-                                       H+
4.    HNO3                                                           
HNO3                                H+
5.    C6H5OH                                            C6H5O-                              H+