Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi + LTE) ; What you must know

Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi + LTE)

Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi + LTE)
The supremacy of nimbleness and precision
 at your fingertips is what the Apple
iPad Air with Wi-Fi and LTE is definitely  all about. You can connect to fast cellular
networks at the blink of an eye. The Apple iPad Air supports LTE networks and
cellular networks from across the globe. You can browse the web, download
content, and stream video at amazingly fast speeds. 

The new Apple iPad Air is
distinctively similar looking compared to its previous counterpart the iPad
Mini. The main difference between the two is that iPad Air is smaller, thinner,
lighter, faster and more portable. A fully loaded model has 128 GB of storage
and mobile broadband with more powerful internals than the iPad Mini and the
same industry leading 10 hour battery life. It is also Apple’s first ever
tablet with an iOS 7 interface, which is in fact the company’s complete
rethinking and rework of its mobile operating system. To put it in simpler
terms, the iPad Air is the most advanced car ever built in a world still run by
trucks! But the one question that pops up again and again in the minds of
customers is that whether the iPad Air can actually replace the laptop in the
near future.
With its stunning features, the
iPad Air can be held comfortably in any position or orientation. It feels more
casual and tossable compared to any other tablet ever made. The Air is in an
entirely different league when compared to the chunky heft of the Microsoft Surface
2 or the fake plastic leather of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  It has taken the market by storm without a
competitor in sight. That’s because its hardware design stands out and there’s
an element of braggadocio about it. 
Differences between iPad Air and iPad Mini
The Air’s interface is responsive and fluid in a way that Android
still hasn’t matched.  When you buy the new Apple Air, the company
has installed the iWork and iLife suites absolutely free.  So the user gets a total of six apps
which include iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which
have been tweaked to work better for iOS 7 over iCloud.  
 There is the same 5-mega pixel camera, which
offers improved low light performance. 
For better video recording, there is a new dual microphone setup for
noise cancellation. A pair of stereo
speakers are now installed on the Lightning connector at the bottom. It
functions well compared to the mono speaker found in previous iPads. 
The Air has an impeccable display
with a 9.7 inch 2048 x 1536 Retina panel, the best in the industry till date.
It has perfect color reproduction viewing angles and touch response. Lodged
behind the display is a 32.4Wh battery, a smaller cell compared to the previous
iPads. Battery life is excellent and can be used for over 10 hours. The secret
to its great battery life is Apple’s new A7
It’s ridiculously fast and thrifty with power.  Games work in an utterly smooth fashion, Apps also
open nearly instantly and webpages in Safari loads faster than ever.
The iconic Smart Covers with its
clever folding screen protectors also underwent a makeover by attaching itself
to the iPad with magnets. Instead of a four panel design, there are three
panels and the only disadvantage is that it collapses after vigorous typing and
has a far less stable cover when folded up. The TouchID sensor is the only feature
missing on the Air but it does not prove to be a major deficit. 
To sum it up, the Apple iPad Air
represents the ideal manifestation of what a fairly large tab can do. The
software may not be up to the standard but the hardware is close to perfect.