How to Unlock Your Phone With Security Codes

How to Unlock Your Phone With Security Codes
If you’re planning to unlock your phone with series of security codes, you’re welcome. Jaysciencetech will help you, just follow this simple
steps for your corresponding device;
Note that this is done for security purpose, if it is
intended for any other purpose; Jaysciencetech will not be held accountable.
Because some unscrupulous element might use this information for unlocking
their friends and neigbours phone after doing away with it at closed doors.

Any phone that displays enter phone, you can unlock it with
some of these codes.
For Nokia phones, kindly use these codes 12345
For Motorola phones, use 1234
Alcatel use, 123486789
Samsung phones/device, use 00000, 832273# then press ok
And 252283S*12# (QK0
You use the serial number to get it by pressing *#06##. Now check
n example 4125678076.
Now select the last H) digit number and press (ok).
That’s it!