Master Your Phones and Mobile Device Functions with Ease!

Master Your Phones and Mobile Device Functions with Ease!
Hiding of phone numbers from friends and possibly enemies
has become a common practice among youths and even adult. I get mails and
request from friends asking about how they can hide their mobile phone numbers
when making important or secret calls.

Hiding your phone number when making calls for me doesn’t
sound unique, because I believe in true identity. Let him see your phone number
and say what he wants to say. However, if he chose or decides to still continue
in such cruelty or misfortune act. Just hang up, I strongly advice.

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In order to hide your phone number from people you don’t wish
they call you, kindly follow these steps highlighted here;

Now kindly press 31# and the persons mobile or phone number
you want to call. Example #3108028261949. Then quickly send it to the person.
That is just press the call or send button to enhance the connectivity immediately.
The person you’re calling will not know who is calling.

How to know the Manufacturer date of Motorola mobile device

Knowing the manufacturer date of your Motorola device is
very vital, most especially when your phone faces an untimely end. Some tech moguls
try as much as possible to hide their phone number from people. But I see it as a security measure because it is very important
and vital for phone continuity.

 In order to know the
manufacturer date of mobile phones, in this case Motorola phone. Kindly dial
8028 only from Motorola phone C118, C116, C115, C216, C117.  Then carefully press*7758 from your Motorola device
and send, instantly the balance and what your looking for will be displayed.

How to transfer credit on VISAFONE

Should I transfer my credit on my visafone to you, if so
why? Sometimes I imagine why I should transfer my credit on my visafone to you.
But love is a bond, so  I must try as
much as possible to do that. To transfer credit on a visafone line or handle,
just follow this simple steps; Just dial *447*07025344435Q756*100*1234* and
then you send. That’s it!

How to apply Call me back on Visafone!!

 Call me back on
visafone is very common, especially those that finds it difficult to recharge
their mobile device atleast once in a while. With visafone call me back, you
can easily get to your friends and family without having airtime on your mobile
device. To do that just follows this simple process;

Dial *446*the number*followed by # where type is any number
from 1 to 3. Example  *446*0702533057881 –
normal, 2 –urgent, 3-1 miss you.
How to stop a number from calling you 

everybody can easily block or stop several numbers from calling your cell
device.  From the comfort of your home, this simple tech tricks can be
applied without stress just like conducting pregnancy test with your
mobile device

has not stop calling you, You can stop him from calling you now after going
through this post. If your searching for how to stop or block  anybody from
calling your  mobile line just as Fred hide his number from people
to enhance safety, here is the simple tricks. Just dial *35*0000* followed by the
persons number and # then send.

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calls you

those that might have difficulty, here is a simple example/illustration on how
to stop a number from calling you; *35*0000*08028261450# send.

case you do not  want this service to
remain active on your device, simply dial or press #35*0000# and press yes.
That’s it!


When your phone is not charging, don’t be angry as it can be
very annoying especially when you have an important call or meeting to attend.
Sometimes it gets so annoying that if you’re not careful and vigilant enough
you can even spoil and degrade the value of the phone. Just follow this steps
below t know what to do when your phone is not charging;

  1. Check the battery if it is properly fixed, and if not insert
    a piece of paper
  2. Check if the charger is functioning very well.
  3. Now, carefully install the battery properly to avoid further
    error in charging signal
  4. Further, you can check the battery charging portage to see
    if it is removed from the board
  5. Carefully clean the battery contact point with mentholated
    spirit, check also the IC
  6. Finally if the problem of charging still persist, kindly visit
    your phone repairer to help you fix your mobile phone charging potage or
    replace the charger.

 If you’re planning to unlock your phone with series of
codes, you’re welcome. Jaysciencetech will help you, just follow this simple
steps for your corresponding device;Note that this is done for security purpose, if it is
intended for any other purpose; Jaysciencetech will not be held accountable.
Because some unscrupulous element might use this information for unlocking
their friends and neigbours phone after doing away with it at closed doors.

Any phone that displays enter phone, you can unlock it with
some of these codes.

For Nokia phones, kindly use these codes 12345

For Motorola phones, use 1234

Alcatel use, 123486789

Samsung phones/device, use 00000, 832273# then press ok

And 252283S*12# (QK0

You use the serial number to get it by pressing *#06##. Now check
n example 4125678076.

Now select the last H) digit number and press (ok).

That’s it!