How To Use Two Lines in a Phone


Technology has really change our mentality, today a lot of
things can be done easily with our mobile phones, now we can easily conduct pregnancy test with our phones,  check our data balance and use two lines in one phone, this is really incredible, but interestingly feasible.

To use two lines in a phone, follow the steps below; If you
have an MTN  line or sim in the phone and
you want to connect Glo in Mtn, smply remove the mtn and put your Glo sim and
press **62* follow by your mtn number and send. You will definitely be
connected, Now you can easily and carefully remove your Glo line or sim and put
back the mtn, When someone calls you, you can answer. Anytime your glo line is
been called it will ring on your mtn line.

Now if you decided that you don’t need it anymore, you
decided to quite just Mr. Benzamine and his wife. 
Simply dial ##002# from your
current Mtn sim and send. You will be deactivated from the service immediately.