Konga.com will shut down its desktop site for 5 Days to Test Mobile-only focus

Photo creddit : Techcabal

As of the 28th of May through the 1st  of June, Konga.com is hosting a mega sale that
promises mega discounts. The online store will be shutting down its desktop
website for five days, and will only sell via its mobile app throughout that
duration. This is undoubtedly not just the latest promotion impulsion. It’s
also an extravagant experiment with which Konga seems to be taking the concept
of mobile-first to the logical extreme. Mobile-only experience.

Konga is seemingly trying to coexist efficaciously and live up to expectations
similar to its close rival Jumia embarking on Jumia Megathon mobile week from 1st
-7th June, 2015. Flipkart has tracked successfully with  a
similar experiment in April
, and promises to go mobile-only by 2016, via
just its apps.

Konga will be discounting sales during the period up to 75 percent.
E-commerce websites have been known to experience downtime from the excessive
load of customers trying to cash in on the bargains at the same time. Will the
servers hold? Won’t the strain on just the mobile app interface be too much to

Even if the experiment goes off without a hitch, it is unlikely that
Konga.com will be permanently restricting buying access to just its app anytime
soon. Even app-crazed Flipkart is hedging
their bets
. And unlike India where smartphone adoption is borderline
insane, a great deal of internet traffic in Nigeria happens via PCs, and during
office hours, suggesting that personal, smartphone and mobile internet adoption
are still yet to get “there”.

The one outcome that however seems assured by means of this drive is that
more people will download Konga’s shopping app.