Positive Effects of Social Media on Nigeria Youths

  Managing oneself in the digital age of social media

It is not surprising to say that, the world is revolving around technology, otherwise known as globalization. The concern of many investors, practitioners of different fields, governments at various level and the  populace is to make the world a small village as a result of technology
discovery around the world.
However social media is not exempted because it is part of the discovery of technology in order to make communication to be on the high and fastest side.

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 In essence social media are social software which has the power to mediate human communication. When the technologies are in place, social media is ubiquitously accessible. In order words, social media encompasses online networking service, platform or site that focuses on facilitating among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.
From the above, social media guarantee the power to brainstorm and cross fertilize exchange of opinions, views, comments, meeting new people depends on the users choice. As well as representation of each user (often a profile), his or her social links and a variety of additional services.
Most social media services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the internet through such cyber tools as e-mail and instant messaging.

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Quite interestingly, one of the unique power and foundational concepts in social media has become that someone cannot completely control his/her message through social media but rather he//she can simply begin to participate in the conversation expecting that he/she can achieve a significant
influence in that conversation.
In discussing the effects of social media on Nigerian students/youths, one need to understand how it works and the form it takes, which cut across; internet forums, weblogs, social
blogs, micro blogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, photographs or pictures, video rating and social book making.
Aside that, we also have social media network websites which include sites like Facebook, Twitter, 2go, Eskimi, Bebo, My Space, Class mates. Com, Linked In, Waplog and others.
Consequently, some critics argue that using social media distracts
students from classroom activities and causes procrastination in their studies.
On the other hand, many people confide that the positive effects of using social media outweighs the negative effects in which widespread use of social media enhance activity in education, entertainment, politics, health industry and business.
It is pertinent to note at this point that, there is no hard and fast rules when it comes to the  positive
effect social media, because what some would conceive as harmful can also be positive.
Positive Effects of social media Friends and Relations: social media started
as a place to connect with friends in an easy and convenient way. Thanks to social media which has provide the opportunity to connect with people and build better relationships, with friends with whom we are unable to meet personally and let them know about our life and take input about their lives and events happening with them.
Improves companies productivity and sales. The efficacy of social media in producing desired results especially in advertising certain products and services can’t be over emphasized. Today,
Facebook and twitter is seen as the most sought after social media domain to skyrocket your marketing campaign and increase sales.
Without such platform, the massive return on investments and positive outcomes would not be achieved.
Reducing communication Barrier:
with social media, ability to communicate thoughts and perceptions over different topics with a large number of audience, is now ensured. The sharing feature available on the social media makes opinion about any topic to reach large number of people. There is option to make groups with people who are like minded and share the related news with them and ask for their opinion on input
about the topic.
Speedy communication: our time is stretched thinner and thinner by work and family commitments but social media offer a chance to communicate in a speedy and efficient manner keeping touch with the world, it is not just inner circle of close friends and even closer
family members that social media allow someone to communicate with easily and effectively either. They open the world to everyone, making it a smaller place than it has even been before. So much so that people actually haven’t a clue where many of their contacts reside, when it comes to social media, everyone is equal, regardless of location.

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