SEO or Social Networking: Which One Should You Pick For Internet Marketing?

SEO or Social networking
SEO or Social networking

When you are trying to analyze the benefits of social networking
vs SEO
 in managing your business marketing, popularity and change
become the two  important aspects to address.

 Internet users experience a change quite often not only in
the way it is used, but also the ways of deciding a strategy for marketing your
site. SEO and
social networking are two most common as well as affordable techniques, which
are not only easy to execute but provide a wide scope of different advantages
and disadvantages.
Those businesses who are always up-to-date with the aspects of
both popularity and change in their marketplace will always lead their company
towards a better marketing path.
The How
Search engine optimization covers a lot of things, but it boils
down to mainly two things which are: on-page optimization and off-page
optimization. The former is all about making your site search engine friendly
with the right content and proper linking throughout the pages. Off-page on the
other hand deals with creating links going to your website. With plenty of
quality links going to your site, search engines would infer that you have
something good to offer since sites are referring to you.
Social networking is all about, well, networking. It’s like “word
of mouth” advertising – except it’s online. If you know some people that know
some people that know some other people too, imagine if all those people
visited your site. That is the premise for social networking being used to
generate traffic. So, you have to go to sites designed for networking and meet
new people, gain their trust, and refer them to your site, then also ask if it
would be okay for them to share your site to their friends.
The Potential
With SEO, your main goal is to reach the top of search engine
result pages. Always look for a keyword or phrase which gets millions of
searches per month. This would increase your chances of getting a better
ranking pretty soon. Having a top spot for your keyword which is already
popular in the market, the amount of traffic generated out of it will be huge
as well. Achieving this for at least a couple of more keywords can generate
tons of traffic for your site.
With social networking, you start small. Let’s say you started
with one person and that individual really liked your site and he told a couple
of his friends to check your site out. And then, the two friends also loved
your site and also referred a couple of their friends. Your site’s traffic has the
potential to grow exponentially in a short amount of time.
Email marketing: It is still important!
Apart from SEO and social networking means, email marketing has
an important significance in the internet marketing domain. Organizations
should focus on developing a fixed newsletter frequency which must cater to its
target audiences. This will lead to capture the attention of the target
clients. Just to refer, it is a common practice that a visitor comes to your
blog/site and within a second switches to other one. To redirect the visitors
and to attract new and potential customers, it is beneficial to transform
passive blogging to active newsletter program. A survey conducted by Forbes in
the year 2009 states that email marketing stands 2nd in the organic
SEO techniques. Approx. 72% of total respondents agreed that email marketing is
a better option to get the ROI than other techniques. Additionally, it is
ranked second most effective tool for generating leads and potential
Summarizing the whole concept, SEO and social networking
techniques both constitute to be very essential for you online business
success. Considering both the options will further boost the marketing program
for your blog or e-commerce business. Although it does take some time and
should not be rushed through. No matter what you choose, SEO or social
networking, you should just try to strive harder in achieving your targets.
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