Apple iPhone 7 release date set for March 2016

Apple iPhone 7
Insiders say the IPhone 7 will have a companion

Apple is currently experiencing a phenomenal run this year:
the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad Air 2 and
the WWDC are an achievement all around. But enthusiasts are still speculating
about one thing: what’s next for Apple? Most probable, the very next thing for
Apple is the iPhone 6S, but that’s not what most are excited about, rather the
upcoming iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 announcement has been made public and the date is set for March
2016, with the iPhone 6S upcoming this October in three dissimilar sizes and disparities.
According to our foundations from within the company, the iPhone 7 release date
has been pushed to March alongside the new Apple Watch second edition because
there will be a joint event showcasing new integration features that we haven’t
seen before. Although our sources were not willing to share what kind of
integration features they were hinting at, they did tell us that the next
iPhone 7 will adopt a slightly different design language.

Take these reports with an ounce of saline, until Apple authorizes the evidence
that we’ve come across. Although these features have been rumored for quite
some time, the fact that the iPhone 7 release date will coincide with the new
Apple Watch is new, so we’re a bit skeptical about that.

Although, at least
we’re considerably  sure and certain  that this October, we will be seeing the iPhone 6S being
released in at least two different variants: a plastic one and a premium metal one.

According to the gurus, the iPhone 7 design will incorporate TouchID into the
screen, instead of using a physical home button, thus maximizing screen to body
ratio. They did debunk the rumor that there will be a joystick home button on
the iPhone 7, but they did confirm that there will be DSLR-level photography
involved with the device. They said that we should be expecting a 16 MP
duo-camera with optical image stabilization on the iPhone 7 which will sport a
5.3 inch display with Retina resolution.

Source: geeksnack