How To Make Money Blogging Online

How To Make Money Blogging Online

Are you thinking or considering several options on How to make money from your blog? You’re most welcome, as this is the perfect platform to get some exposition on your journey.
Last month i was fortunate to make $110 from Google Adsense, although its a little amount, but loads of bloggers out there can speak cogently that its not easy to make this $110, considering the influx of traffic and SEO skills you need to employ. We are not talking about such for now, but the focus is the possible means and ways to make money online from your blog.

If this is the reason why your here today, grab a cup of tea and focus…
Do you know that you can create a blog for the purpose of making money and at the end generate nothing, because of certain knowledge and skills missing. However, If you had created a blog for the simple and logical aim of expressing yourself and to communicate with others consequently having similar interests, its imperative you convert your blog into something that would earn you some income too. If not, it is not at a bad idea to create a blog for the main purpose of making it a source of income for you.

If you want to start making money from your blog, follow this 5 guides outlined below;
1.Get a Google Adsense Account:

The best start you can get is by signing up with for a free targeted “Adsense” account.This is a publishing account needed for bloggers to earn reasonable amount of money from their Ads space.It should be quite easy to set up,with on-screen step by step instructions where you can also choose from displaying text ads to image ads of varying dimensions and at preferred locations on the web page. Ads will start appearing within ten minutes from completing the setup and every time a site visitor clicks on an advertisement, a payment gets credited to your account.

N/B: You must sign up and wait accordingly for approval before you will be able to access the Google Adsense account crafted for you.

If the theme of your blog is Gardening for example, then your blog will target Google ads with similar content. Gardening lovers who would be naturally attracted to your website are likely to click on some of those advertisements and possibly make online purchases too, generating income for you while you just sit back and watch.

2. Writing Reviews on Several products/items
As another means of generating income from your blog, try posting reviews on varying products within a given niche. If your niche happens to be Loan Consolidation, blogging, technology,science,fashions,mobile phones etc, there will be so many other blogs dedicated to related topics such as, Bankruptcy, Student Loans, and Financing Education,mobile gadgets,,shoes,blogs,making money opportunities, shopping,laptops etc.

You can earn an attractive percentage on their sales (loans granted) or commissions by entering into “Affiliate Marketing” agreements with the relevant institutions. You can find hundreds of affiliates matching your preferred products of marketing from Go to web sites like, jiji, jumia, konga,kaymu and access their various products, get familiar with it and write quality and catching reviews on them and in return include your affiliates code for commission. Sometimes, although you are not been paid for writing this reviews, if your review happens to get higher rnking on Google search, you might be called or contacted to write a sponsored post for the designated company products you happen to initially write and published a review on.

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You become a party to the sales transaction when a visitor to your site for reading some reviews clicks on a link provided by you to one of your affiliates that culminates in a sale for the affiliate.

3. Direct Ads space sales:
In addition to displaying Google Adsense Ads, you may sell direct advertising space to other potential advertisers who may be attracted to your website due to its niche or its high visitor clicks count, or both. For maximum attraction to the advertisers, your website should be capable of hosting all types of ads from text to media ads in the form of banners, skyscrapers, and half pagers etc. as per your clients’ preferences.So many blogs charges as much as $100 per week and many more depending on your blogs traffic.

For example:
How To Make Money Blogging Online

4. Writing Sponsored Post
Sponsored post is similar to reviews.In writing sponsored post for any company you must be very good in reviewing products and items. Note, both are not the same but equivalent. Companies or a fellow blogger can pay you to get this blog listed on your blog in form of a well written article drafted either by him or you. So you charge based on your discretion in relation to your traffic.

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5. Offering your Unique Services and Items
In this section, your theme can be very unique and loved by every visitor, offer it for sale at a subsidized amount. Also, in the blogspot arena, new bie bloggers find it difficult to change from to .com. Offer your services here. If you have other services which you genuinely offer, present it professionally in your blog for your viewers to contact you.

6. Write good content and get paid for it

Here there are loads of sites that pays you for writing quality articles. You can chose to write and include a link back to your blog or submit and get paid accordingly.

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