Investigation Shows Nigerians Access Internet Through Mobile Phones

Nigerians Access Internet Through Mobile Phones

Recently it has been discovered that Nigerians Access
the Internet through mobile phones and based on recent investigation by
Ericsson Consumer Lab, mobile phones have the uppermost device share of
internet services in Nigeria.

The investigation says more than 95 percent of mobile broadband users in the country
access mobile broadband on smartphones.
Nigeria has one of the world’s largest mobile subscriber
markets and the obtainability of more low-cost smartphones is also fuelling
growth in data traffic. Most was seen virtually in the Jumia Megathon Mobileweek, which lasted for a week.

The Ericsson ConsumerLab report also exposed that 84 percent of smartphones
were associated  and seemingly connected to
the internet with 82 percent of mobile phone users accessing the internet with
their device on a daily basis.

 Currently, Smartphone shipments to
Nigeria soared 135 percent year-on-year (y/y) in 2014, spurred by the increased
availability of low-cost models and dual-SIM devices according to Q4 2014
Handsets Tracker released by International Data Corporation (IDC).