You can now Easily Chromecast your Android device’s screen

You can now Easily Chromecast your Android device's screen
For me, the Chromecast has demonstrated
 beyond reasonable doubt to be one of
Google’s most successful products of recent times, letting you get video, music
and video content from a bunch of apps up on a big screen without problems.  

With a few contemporary software updates, Google has made the feature
available to all devices running Android Kitkat 4.4.2 or above. For Lollipop
users, the process is even easier. Follow the simple steps below and you can be
sharing your phone or tablet’s screen on a larger display in no time at all. You
can go further than that all the same—you can also cast your phone or tablet

On Android KitKat

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Android KitKat and have the
latest version of the official Chromecast app released by
Google. Unless you have both in place you won’t be able to cast your screen to
a larger display using the dongle.

You can now Easily Chromecast your Android device's screen
Photo Credit :Casting with the app. / © AndroidPIT

On Android Lollipop

You can now Easily Chromecast your Android device's screen
Photo source:A couple of taps on Lollipop. / © AndroidPIT

Pull down the notification drawer from the top of the screen, tap the Cast
screen button and you’re good to go — you may be prompted to choose a
Chromecast to connect to, depending on how many devices you have set up and how
recently you used the feature.

Everything that occurs on-screen will show on your television, and you can
rotate your device to change the orientation. To incapacitate molding from your
smartphone or tablet, tap again on the same button then tap the cross next to
the Chromecast that you’re currently using.

Head into the Chromecast app and select the Cast screen option from the menu
on the left-hand side. Tap Cast screen again to confirm and you’ll be prompted
to choose a device. Note that this is still a beta feature, so you may notice
one or two bugs along the way.