Airtel Raises $1.3bn From Mobile Towers Sales Across Africa

Airtel Raises $1.3bn From Mobile Towers Sales Across Africa

Bharti Airtel said it had risen up $1.3 billion with the sale of its mobile
towers in five African countries from Helios Towers, IHS Plc and American Tower
Company. The profits will go towards plummeting the $10 billion obligation used
in its African processes in 2010. It was indeed amazing to see Airtel raising such an amount up to the sum of  $1.3bn From Mobile Towers Sales just in couple of days.

Helios on its portion firmly said in a report that it “places countless charge
on its business corporation with Airtel and will continue to work with them in
Tanzania and elsewhere, including Congo Brazzaville where HTA newly fastened a similar
transaction with Airtel.”

Last month, Airtel said a planned deal with Helios Towers in Tanzania and
Chad had expired without a final agreement. Airtel does still work with Helios
in other countries. The India-based operator said it was negotiating similar
deals with six other countries in Africa. Under the original agreement, Airtel
said it would sell around 3,100 towers in four countries to Helios.

In February, Airtel said it completed the sale of some towers in Rwanda and
Zambia to IHS, and America Tower just publicized it completed the procurement
of Airtel barbicans in Nigeria. Airtel said the deal will see Airtel mobile
subscribers enjoy more unwavering networks, higher network uptimes in which to
make calls and a more universal service across the country.

IHS attained over 200 towers from Airtel, helping the operator to control
through meaningfully reducing current capital disbursement on inactive substructure.
IHS has been in management of the passive infrastructure since February 1. IHS
has also picked up Airtel towers in Zambia, bringing the total number of
acquired towers in the two countries to 1,100.