Dangers of Drug Abuse in Today’s Life

 Dangers of Drug Abuse in Today’s Life

Drugs are primarily meant for curing of illness or infections of any kind including viral infections usually caused by virus. No doubt,drug abuse is very rampant and in order to effectively achieve this project, this drugs must be taken or administered with care and cautioned.
We are to use drugs carefully solely for the purpose of  regaining good health, under the advice of a medical professional/expert, who is an expert in drug/drugs administration.
However,  in our society today, a lot of people ignore medical personnel, by either prescribing drugs by themselves for themselves, or take more than the dosage prescribed by medical personnel or expert.
This attitude leads to what is termed drug abuse. A large number of people do not understand why people become hooked to drugs or how drugs change the brain to foster compulsive element abuse.They mistakenly view this drug abuse/addiction issue and habit as strictly an interpersonal problem and may even characterize those who take drugs as morally weak.
Drugs and drug abuse
The sad truth/reality is the fact that drug abusers/ADDICTS should be able to quit taking drugs if they are willing to change their behavior.


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What people often underestimate is the complexity of drug craving — that it is a disease that impacts the brain, also because of that, stopping drug misuse is not simply a matter of willpower.

Through scientific advances we have practically come to the understanding of how precisely and exactly drugs work in the brain, and that we also know, is that medication craving can be effectively treated to help people who want to stop abusing drugs and continue productive lives.

This short article reveals prevalent causes of drug abuse and their  consequent impacts.

 What is drug?

A drug is any biochemical substance, apart from food, that is taken into the body system,  because of its nature, influences the structure or functions of the body of the person that takes it.
 Drugs are substances administered under the proper supervision of a Doctor or any other trained personnel.
Why do we take drug? Drugs can be taken for varying purposes, but the main aim  is to fight against diseases in our body,prevent deadly waterborne infections  and relieve suffering and safe lives.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse in our daily life

When a drug is misused, that is when it is not used according to the instruction given by the medical expert, approximately it has been used for a purpose not meant for, or used for the appropriate purpose through abnormal method, then the drug has been abused.
According to WIKIPEDIA, drug abuse, is a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others, and is a form of substance-related disorder.


Drug abuse is dangerous because every drug is made from chemicals.
These chemicals can be harmful to some organs and the  body system in general, when the correct dosage is not use.

Some victims turn into beggars, while some have damaged their brains and turned to lunatics.Sometimes drug abuse victims die of the effects of the drugs.

Drug abuse is caused by so many factors, but let us study different classes of
Note:In addition, alcohol is another drug that kills when taken in excess and for too long.
Alcohol is a chemical which is found in drinks like beer, wine, whiskey, gin and palm wine.
Tobacco is also regarded as a drug because in combination  with alcohol, it possesses some of the qualities of drugs.
 Causes of drug abuse
Drug abuse is caused by different factors, depending on the individual.
The common causes includes the following:
1. Quest for excitement
2.  Peer influence–attitude of copying mates that take drugs
3.  Curiosity –desire to fine out how own will feel after taking drugs
4.  Quest to overcome of reduce stress and frustration.
Examples of stress and frustration, are dismissal from work, rape, broken
marriage, disappointment, failure in business and crime.  The victim starts taking drugs to overcome such problems.
5. Quest for self confidence– many youths, even adults, are not confident to handle issues like addressing to handle issues like addressing a crowd, approaching the opposite sex, and
teaching people of the same class.Such people take drugs to include confidence in themselves.
Drug addition 
When people frequently abuses  drug, after a  stipulated period, he or she gets acclamitised to the offensive drug habits and the use of the drug becomes
part of him or her.The person sees himself or herself incomplete when the drug is
not taken.
Such a person becomes restless and uncomfortable until the drug is taken; in fact, the drug becomes the person’s‘ruler’.This attitude is called drug addition, while the person involved is called a drug addict.
Therefore,  the danger in using drugs is more than the harm it causes. But it is difficult for the addict to easily stop using the drugs.This implies that to treat a drug addict, requires time. Also the treatment will involves counseling and this cannot just be done by just anybody, but by people that have the knowledge and training of how to counsel
drug addicts.
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