DURATION:          1HR 30MINS
1. Which of the following is NOT a simple machine   (a)Crude oil 
(b)screwdriver   (c)plier   (d)wheel barrow
2.      A mechanical fastening device is called  (a)Spanner (b)screw (c)Thread  (d) Gear
3.      The contamination of our environment with
harmful substances is termed  
(a)sanitation  (b)pollution  (c)ventilation  (c)industrialization
4.      All these are ways of preventing diseases
except   (a)education  (b)immunization (c)cleanliness
5.      The state of ill health is also known as  (a)disease 
(b)immunization  (c)sickness  (d)wellness
6.      The use of drugs for an appropriate purpose
but an in proper dosage is called 
(a)drug abuse  (b)drug misuse  (c)drug overdose  (d)drug addiction
7.      A  lever
in which the effort is between the load and the fulcrum is known as   (a)First class lever (b)second class lever  (c)third class lever (d)wheel and axle
8.      A device which enables large amount or
quantity of work to be done easily is known as ?  (a)wheel and axle  (b)gear (c)lever  (d)Machine
9.      That device which enables a person to raise a
car is known as?  (a)pulley (b)inclined plane  (c)screw 

10.  A simple wheel that has toothed edge is known
as   (a) Wheel and axle (b) gear system
(c) jack system (d) fertilization
11.  Which the following is a component ICT? (a)
Calculator (b)Fax machine (c)None of the above (d) Microphone
12.  The process of storing, retrieving,
manipulating and transmitting digital data is called (a) Technology (b)Science
(c) ICT (c)Telecommunication (d)Computers
13.  Joule is the unit of (a)Energy (b)work
(c)force (d)Speed
14.  The energy of a body due to its  position of rest is called (a)kinetic energy
(b)potential energy (c) work done (d) heat energy
15.  Power is defined as (a) the ability to do work
(b) work done over time taken (c) the ability to dance (d) the strength of
16.  The full meaning of HIV is (a) Human immune
deficiency syndrome (b) Acquired immune deficiency virus (c)Human immuno virus
(d) Human immune virus
17.  The following are example of communicable
diseases except (a) syphilis (b)gonorrhea (c) Apollo (d)diabetes
18.  The state of ill-health is referred to as (a)
disease (b)virus (c) disease vectors (d) virus
19.  Chemical substance taking  into the body which alternate the body system
positively or negatively is (a) Drug abuse (b)drugs (c) marijuana (d) panadol
20.  The ratio of load to effort is termed (a) velocity
ratio (b) mechanical advantage (c) lever advantage (d) screw advantage
21.  The harmful substance that contaminate water
bodies are called   (a)pollutants  (b)oil spillage  (c)effluents 
22.  Matter is made up of tiny particles called (a)atoms,
molecules and ions  (b)malaria  (c)molecules, iron and atom (d)matter and
23.  ——– is anything that has mass and
occupies space  (a)heat  (b)solid 
(c)matter  (d)light
24.  ——— change is easily reversible  (a)permanent (b)temporary  (c)solid change (d)liquid change
25.  All living things have (a) life (b) exist as
plant (c) move by bending to water and light (d) excrete
                ANSWER 4
1a. what is a simple machine
List 4 examples of a simple machine
c. Define the efficiency of a simple machine 
2a. State the assumptions of the kinetic
theory of matter
b. List the three states of matter and explain the states         
c. What is thermal energy
d. What are the effects of drug abuse on youths?
3a.Define the  following terms  (i)Radiation 
(ii)convection  (iii)conduction  (iv)pollution
b. A jack requires an effort of 20N to lift a load of 50N  determine the mechanical advantage
4a. The distance moved by effort in gaining stability is 200N and the
distance moved by load is 50N determine the velocity ratio
b. Define power and give the unit
c. state the law of conservation of energy
d. list two types of reproduction and define one.
5a. List 3 physical changes that occur in girls during   puberty.
b. calculate the work done by a boy moves a distance of 40meter and
applied a force of 10N
c. differentiate between potential energy and
kinetic energy