INSTRUCTION: Answer ALL the questions.
1.      The force that tends to act on a body moving
upward is known A. Gravity B. Gravitation C. Gravittation D. Gravitty
The System international unit of forceis  A. Joules B. Newtton C. Watts D. Newton    
     3.    One of the following food item is a good
source of protein A. maize B. yam C. sugar cane D. rice E. beans
4.     The ability and capacity to do work istermed  A.Work B. Energy C. weight D.Weightlessnes
      5.     e region beyond the earth atmosphere is referred to as  A. Space travel B. space
C. space shuttle  D. Satellite  
  6.     The first scientist to successfullytravel to the space is known as  A.Yuri
Grandmother B. Mukivoch Gagarin C. Yuri Gagarin D. Urine  Gagarinn
7.     __________ is the basic unit oflife A. Organ B. Organism C. cell D. tissue
8.     How many planet do we have (a) 9 (b)10(c)11(d)11

9.     Which planet is closest to the sun? A.
asteroid B. mercury C. meteor D. Jupiter E. Outer space.
10.The process where living things takes inoxygen and liberate out carbon (iv) oxide is called (a) reproduction
(b)respiration (c) fermentation (d)excretion
11.The aim of space travel is to  (a) gather useful information (b) for  respiration (c) To obtain knowledge aboutspace temperature (d) To help mankind in terms of technological advancement
Example of non-living things include thefollowing except (a) cars(b) animals (c) Table (d)computer
  1. The change in the position of a body iscalled (a) Force (b)Motion (c) Distance (d) Energy
  2. The force that acts on a stretched string
    is called (a) Tension (b) Acquired immune deficiency virus (c)pull (d) Push
  3. Chemical substance taking  into the body which alternate the body
    system positively or negatively is (a) Drug abuse (b)drugs (c) marijuana
    (d) Panadol
The following are dangers of space
travel except A.Weightlessness B.Explossion of rockets when Launchpad or in
flight C. Re-entry of spaceship into the earth High temperature
Man-made satellite system is referred to
as. A. Natural satellite B. God created satellite C. Artificial satellite D. Original
One of the important of satellite system
is  A. Gather useful information B. for
observation purposes C. Obtain knowledge about weather situation Reconnaissance
purposes E. None of the above
The two types of satellites are  A. Natural satellite and Artificial satellite
B. clean Satellite C. regular exercise D. balance diet
Which of the following is a sexually
transmitted infection A. malaria B. syphilis C. cholera D. guinea worm E. river
Living things breathe out A. carbon IV
oxide B. oxygen C. nitrogen D. helium E. noble gas
The change from liquid to gas is called
A. melting B. freezing C. evaporation D. condensation
The people to travel to space are known
as  (a)scientist (b) Artist (c)press (d) commercialist
Energy which comes from the sun is
referred to as (a)Renewable energy (b)Non-renewable energy (c) solar energy (d)
sun energy
Crude oil and petroleum products is an
example of (a) Renewable energy (b)Non-renewable energy (c) solar energy (d)
sun energy
The force that tends to pull all object
down to the center of the earth is called (a)Gravity (b)Tension
(c)Gravitational force (d)string force
The earth ____(a) is a planet (b)
rotates on the axis (c) has one satellite
Diet that contains all the six classes
of food in the right order is (a) Balance diet (b) balance meal (c) food menu
(d) diet classes
INSTRUCTION: Answer four questions only
1a List  3 examples of Nonrenewable energy
b. What are satellites?
c. define the following
terms (i) Space traveling(ii) Energy transformation (iii) force
2a. State the law of
conservation of energy
b. List the nine
planets according to their relative position from the sun
c. State 4 dangers of
space traveling
d. list four benefit of
space traveling
3a. define Matter and
give 5 examples
b. list the three
states of matter
c. Differentiate
between contact force and non-contact force
4a. what is the
difference between gravitation and weightlessness
b. Explain why mango
fruits fall to the ground when ripped
c. Differentiate
between pull and push
d. The change of state
from Solid to liquid is termed?
5a. State five
importance of space traveling to the world
b. what are rockets
c. Give four importance
of basic science to life