Third Term Commerce Examination questions for SS2

  CLASS: SS2             
         SUBJECT: COMMERCE     
         Answer all questions
1.      Which of the following is not an advantage of advertising?… It   (a)gives information about products (b)increases sales (c)increases production
(d) improves the quality of products (e)introduces new products.
2. Which of the following is a commercial service (a)transporting (b)garri processing (c)oil drilling       (d)lumbering         (e)tailoring

3. In which of the following classes of occupation would you place a commerce teacher?
(a) commercial (b)extractive(c)direct service
4.If a seller discovers that he had undercharged a buyer, which of the following documents will he use to correct the error?(a)promissory note (b)a credit note (c)an advice note
(d) a debit note (e)a statement of account
5. The abbreviation ECOWAS stands for…  (a)Economic Community of West African States (b)Economic Communion of West African State
(c)Economic Council of West African states
(d)Economic Counsel of West African States



(e)Economic Cooperation of West African States
6.A system in which people provide their own needs directly is know as (a)mixed economy (b)subsistence economy (c) specialized ones
7.   The appropriate label for X on the diagram is (a) commerce     (b) industry
(c) direct service (d) occupation (e) indirect service.
8.The appropriate label for Y on the diagram is (a) branches of commerce
 (b) distribution channel   (c) direct service (d) aids to trade (e) factor of production.
9.   The appropriate label on the diagram is (a) home trade (b) agent(c) wholesale
(d) co-operative   (e) thrift.
10.  The development of trade in West Africa was aided by the
(a) emergence of traditional rulers (b) arrival of the ortuguese
(c) introduction of tax payment (d) introduction of money.
11.  A shoe repairer is engaged in a (a) service occupation (b) manufacturing (c) extractive occupation (d) commercial
1. One of the following combines business resources in a proper way to achiving company’s goal (a) Sales representative (b) Managers (c) Doctor (d) Supervisors
2.      One of the following is used to purchase machinery, materials and to pay wages for labour (a) invoice (b) money resources (c) overdraft (d) all of the above
3.      The primary objective of a business is to (a) make maximum profit (b) protect the interest of workers (c) create job opportunites (d) to provide cheap goods to the consumers
4.The enterprise whose main objective is to provide the public with essential services is known as (a) cooperative society (b) partnership (c) private company (d) public corporation
5.      Sole proprietorship is a form of business owned by (a) an individual (b) two or more persons (c) a registered business subsidiary (d) the government
6. The facilities within the environment which the business makes use of is (a) opportunities (b) business facilities (c) input (d) credit facilities
7. The act of setting goals and devising specific activities, procedures and schedule to meet the selected goals is (a) controlling (b) planning (c)directing (d) organizing
8. One of the following helps in forecasting the activities of an organization over
a period of time (a) planning (b) controlling (c) organizing (d) staffing
9. The creation of departments and divisions according to numbers, shifts, functions and geographical location of the business is (a) departmentalization (b) responsibility (c) assignment (d) segmentation
10. Two main branches of trade are (a) commerce and aids to trade (b) home and foreign trade (c) foreign and entrepot trade (d) wholesale
11. Who among the following is not engaged in commercial occupation (a) a stock broker (b) an engineer (c) a banker (d) a common carrier
12. Movement of commercial vehicles in Nigeria is controlled by the (a) Nigerian Ports
Authority (b) National Association of Road Transport Workers (c) Federal Minsitry of Transport (d) Nigerian Custom Authority
13.  The reward for Entrepreneurship as a factor of production is (a) interest (b)profit (c) salary (d) rent
14. Which of the following describes the marketing mix? (a) place, product policy,
promotion, pricing policy (b) product planning, development, market research,
price (c) product, price, place, development (d) advertising, pricing, development, communication
15. Which of the following guided the operations of a partnership? (a) the deed (b)
memorandom of association (c) article of association (d) certificate of trading
16. Which
of the following assists a Nigerian producer to participate in trade fairs
and exhibitions abroad? (a) Nigerian Ports Plc (b) Shipping and clearing
Agents (c) Federal Airports Authority (d) Nigerian Export Promotion Council
17. Which of the following has no legal capacity to a contract? (a) Public Limited
Company (b) Co – operation Society (c) Public Corporation (d) A minor
18. Which of the following is not a business resource? (a) market (b) man (c) money (d)
19. Which of the following consists of a number of activities that affect the operation
of a business? (a) management (b) business environment (c) strategy (d) promotion
20. One of the following entails using leadership, motivation and other skills to
ensure proper administration of people’s duties in an organization (a) planning (b) directing (c) staffing (d) organizing
1.  (a).Identify four environmental factors that affects business
(b). Explain how each of the factors mentioned in (a) above affect business operation
2. (a). Explain the social responsibilities of a business to the following
(i)The community   (iv)The Government
(ii)The Employee   (v)The Consumer
(iii)The Shareholder
 (b) Explain each of the following traditional means of communication:
(i)HumanResources                        (iii)MaterialResources
(ii)Money Resources           (iv)Opportunity
/ Goodwill
3.  With the aid of diagram, explain the organization chart of a business
4. Explain each of the following:
(iii)Market Segmentation
(iv)Marketing Concept
(v)Marketing Mix
5. Explain extensively, the four elements of marketing mix
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