How to Easily Claim Your Website on Alexa Page

How to Easily Claim Your Website on Alexa Page

Alexa is ultimately the  leading site on website rank calculation. It  constantly does this by ranking  every
website by measuring the website popularity and many more factors relating to web presence. It
updates every website ranks on daily basis. Low alexa ranks mean it
attract advertisers. It simply mean it helps you earn more. In the web, there are many tips and tricks on how to improve alexa rank. But before you can do that just take your time  to 
read these posts on how to  first claim your site on alexa; it definitely helps you to improve your website and gain more traffic courtesy of  alexa rank.
Beforehand, my website was having a global rank of 931,0000 as seen on alexa. and i was rank nationally in India instead of my home country Nigeria, it was so disturbing and annoying. so i later found out that i needed to claim my website directly on alexa website by inserting the Verification ID to the homepage .In the  new alexa interface, alexa added  new features and excluded  some features. It’s completely different from the old interface. Today i am going to
show you how to claim your site on the newly updated alexa website.

First Go to

At the top right side press on Create an account button

click on image for full view
After create an account open this link in new tab –

Add your website URL click on Continue.

Now it will show you three methods to verify your site on alexa –

Method 1- Upload an alexa verification file on your website root directory.
Method 2 – Add an alexa verification ID to your homepage
Method 3 – Only available in alexa Pro.

 Method 1- This verification process is best for word
press users. Click on Method 1 option download your alexa verification
file. Now go your website cPanel >> File manager >> public_html upload that download file. Press Verify the file on your website button. Then they will show your site is successfully claimed.

Photo credit; Mytrickschool

Method 2 – This is the best method for blogger users as well as word press users.
For blogger Users – login blogger account >> dashboard >> template >> Edit HTML
Using CTRL+F find <head> code. Paste your alexa verification ID just below founded code.
Click on save changes. In alexa click on verify my ID. Now your site is successfully claimed.

For word press users – Login word press account >> dashboard >> appearance >> editor

Now in headed.php find <head> code and paste your alexa verification ID below <head> code. Click on Update button. In alexa click on verify my ID.

How to Easily Claim Your Website on Alexa Page
Method 2 for alexa verification: Photo credit; mytrickschool

There is another simplest method for word press users. In WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin have inbuilt feature where you can directly add your alexa verification ID to verify your website on alexa.

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