Novel Mechanisms for Utilization of Landfills Challenge

 Novel Mechanisms for Utilization of Landfills Challenge

Municipal solid waste, commonly referred to as trash or garbage,
consists of items people dispose everyday. Most of this solid waste is
collected by municipal agencies and dumped into landfills. For eg. US
has an estimate of around 2000 landfills that manages around 300 million
ton of solid waste everyday. This number is exponentially high in
emerging economies such as Brazil and India. These landfills are source
of pollution and often a major drain on the region’s economy. Therefore
there is a need for novel mechanisms to utilize the landfills, which can
help in  efficient storage of waste, utilization of solid waste for
energy, faster decomposition of solid waste and efficient utilization of
the landfill space. These mechanisms can go a long way in reducing
environmental and economic impact on the region.

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