Screen Accidental Damages on Mobile Phones Set To Be Rolled Out By IGI and Slot Partnership

Screen Accidental Damage Set to Be Rolled Out By IGI and Slot Partnership
I strongly believe its no longer new when we see our newly branded phone in a disturbing state, such state where the screen becomes unevenly cracked and defaced. This definately disrupt the smooth operating and functioning of our mobile devices. Some fixing and repairing agencies charge as high as half the price of the device, just to get the screen fixed.
But this has come to an untimely end.
Industrial and General Insurance Plc, in conjunction with Slot Systems Limited, has introduced a newfangle insurance product which protects mobile phones and other telecommunication gadgets against damage to their screens.
Under the insurance policy, the cost of replacing any damaged or smashed screens of mobile devices that are insured will be borne completely by the insurance company. The drivers of this initiative, IGI and Slot, said it was aimed at saving owners the stress associated with the timely replacement of cracked or shattered screens of mobile phones, iPads, etc. 
The Managing Director,  of Slot limited Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo, said: “This is a value-added service and a first-class after-sales support offered by Slot. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the insurance policy which provides cover and compensation in the event of any damage to the screens of their precious mobile devices.” 
Describing the mobile gadgets insurance as another trailblazing initiative by IGI, the Deputy Managing Director, IGI Plc, Mr. Sina Elusakin, said: “Mobile gadgets are now part of our everyday lives. This is a cost-effective way to protect our valuable phones and other designated mobile gadgets for a modest premium.” He put the repair period within seven days and the limit of the liability to the cost of screen replacement once a year.  
The gadgets covered by the insurance include iPhones, smart phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, mobile phones and MP3 players.
Photo Credit : Lailasblog