Top Business You Can start Now and Make Money

Nobody can underestimate the power and efficacy of a branded and profitable business startup, in today’s life were we all struggle for  employment and seek for daily bread continually, it is highly pertinent that we are creative and seek to establish a business model for our self.This will definately ionise and concretize our future provided we work hard.

According to D.r Akanimo Odon an Environmental specialist and consultant from the University of Leicaster in UK.In a recent Strategic lecture which he held at the University of Uyo. He said, and I quote; It is either you work hard or you work hard to achieve success and greatness. Also, you must agree to the face the reality of life that all humans are selfish and egocentric, including me and you. So we must all strive to suceed through hardwork.

With the above been said, other than the dominant or traditional business model which include, mines, fisheries, and farms, oil and gas, most business fall into one of the six broad categories listed below

This can be a small business venture, a supermarket store, a clothing shop, a recharge cards outlet or a home business selling goods directly to individual consumers or groups. The number of goods sold to customers is generally small.

Wholesale (middle men) like beer distributors often purchase goods directly  from  a manufacturer and then resell to retailers Theretailers. The purchase and resale of these goods are normally in large quantities.

These are enterprises that don’t supply tangible goods. They include hair saloons, telephone call centers, shoe repair shops, professional services (law,medical,accounting, teaching, etc.).

Anyonevwho produces something is called a manufacturer, whether the product is a massive compuyer , generator or furniture and fashion wears.Manufacturers are often called converters because they take raw materials and change or convert them to finished products.

Transportation companies move freighrbor people from one placebto another. Normally, transportation business are categorized as trucking (contract, common carrier, and packages like UPS) , air ,water, or pipelines.


actually, without much dimension, a construction business builds things. If it actually builds buildings, houses,roads,bridges and loads of them, it is eitherva vertical construction business model or a horizontal business model. Which also includes airfields build by private or joints firms.

It is significant for you especially to consider the type of business you want to go into . For example, with most small retail and service businesses, you must be able to deal with the public and to, suceesd, you must enjoy what you are doing. If you chose manufacturing or construction , you should possess the requisite or expertise and profound knowledge in those outstanding fields.