How to Easily Produce Detergents Washing Powder At Home

How to Easily produce detergents washing powder at home

Obviously today ,The  vast and unending demand for detergent washing powder is
very high in Nigeria, on daily bases tons of the products is purchased and used for washing dirty clothes, clean offices and factory floors.

Nonetheless,Producing detergents at home does not require large capital, equipments and raw materials are not expensive, the production process is quite simple and above all it’s very profitable.

Below are the requirements for producing detergents washing powder at home.Since it’s a home based business you can make Use of any vacant space in the house where you leave . It could be your car garage, the back yard of your house or any vacant room.

■List of equipment required.Steel tank fitted with stirrer.
Weighing balance (scale).
Drying oven or you can use sunlight for drying.

■List of raw materials required.Fatty acid oil………………. 5 liters.
Caustic soda solution … 5liters.
Sulphuric acid ……………. Add as desired.
Dye or colorants …………Add as desired.
Perfume……………………….Add as desired.

■Production process.Step 1: Measure out 5liters of fatty acid oil
step 2 ; add blue dye to it or any desire colour of dye.
Step 3 : Add 5liters of caustic soda solution and stir vigorously.
Step4 ; Add sulphric acid to the mixture immediately and stir well.

NOTE: The reaction of this mixture is very fast and dries up immediately and it will also break the soap in to small bits.
Step 5; Add any perfume and dry the detergent completely in a drying oven or use sun to dry it up.
Step 6; Finally after drying, take the detergent to a grinding machine and grind into small grains. Pack the detergent in to small packaging nylon
satchel for sale.

■ Marketing .
To sell your product fast, show it to friends, neighbors, co-workers e.t.c and it will surprise you to discover the kind of positive and encouraging feedback you will get , note for home use only if u wanna commercialize completely u should get a get registered with NAFDAC for Registration number ad in the case of future reference. 
If u think this article was explanatory enough and you wanna learn more methods of producing detergents and other things contacts for our production manuals , training and seminars on several other productions like soap cream , after shave detergent and morning fresh gin wine etc.

Written by: David Lord Delacruz (CEO Active Marvin Chemical Company)

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