How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Verified Without Receiving Your Pin

Google Adsense Account Verified Without Receiving Your Pin

My sincere apology to every newbie bloggers and well-regarded
bloggers in Nigeria, if you are looking for how to get your Google Adsense account verified without
your pin
, you are definitely in the right place. I am writing this directly
from Nigeria, my home country where i am currently domiciled. In Nigeria the postal
delivery service is appalling, and to say I dislike it is an irony (with
respect to Google Adsense verification)
others might be special and different to an extent. I am a victim of this Google Adsense pin verification saga, I
honestly requested for my Google Adsense PIN  three times (3x) which I never received (lost
in transit). I was so disturbed and restless. I called so many people which I knew
might help but to no avail it was fruitless.

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In order to guard the security of your accounts, Google requires
you to verify your address  with a pin before they can send to you,  your due and/or accrued payment. For this to be
achieved, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mailed to your payment
address. You will then need to enter this PIN within your account.
Normally, you will have 6
months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it into your Adsense account.
After this period, your account will stop displaying ads.
Few weeks after the predictable
delivery date of the second PIN, my Adsense
momentarily clogged serving ads. You can’t imagine how you will feel.
I kept on persisting, but
never received my PIN, how do I now verify my Google Adsense account without
this pin? This was the question that was going through my mind.
But before then, Understand certain things;
When does Google send you a
Pin to verify your address?
Google will send you a  verification Pin by post only after you reach
$10 minimum threshold. So, if your account has not yet reached that amount,
don’t even worry about the pin.
After you reach the $10 threshold level, Google will issue you a pin mailer
within 1 week. According to Google, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to
reach you. So, if a pin is just generated for you, don’t get workup. It may
take about a month before getting to you.
Emailed Pin not received, even after
3-4 weeks
Once you don’t get the pin
after 3-4 weeks, there must be something incorrect. Your first troubleshooting
option is, try to ensure that the address is correct in your Google AdSense
account settings. If needed, add landmarks and additional information to the
address to make sure the postman/courier people can locate your address. Make
sure you have entered the phone number, postal code and landmarks along with
your address. 

Now, make a request to resend the pin, which can be done using the option you
can find in the “Account Settings” section of your AdSense account.
Google will allow you to request a new pin 4 weeks after you made your last
request. If after making the second pin request, you don’t get your
pin, you are allowed to make a third request. At this point, you will be given
options to upload personal identification documents to prove your account

your address using international passport; Government issued card and other
official address proof.

How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Verified Without Receiving Your Pin

If you have made a request for your Google Adsense verification pin 3 times,
but never received any of them, login to your AdSense account and look at the
“Account Settings” section. You will see additional instructions from
Google asking you to verify the account using through other channels. The
additional options include submitting copy of official identity card to Google.

Here is the PIN troubleshooter form,
which can be used to submit an official identification document like passport,
drivers license etc to Google to verify your address without a pin. However, if
you submit it before you run out of your 3 pin requests, it may not be
Now, my story continues; After i uploaded my documents in my case i used, international passport. An email was sent to me immediately confirming that my account has been fully verified, see the captured email sent to me below;

How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Verified Without Receiving Your Pin

What kind of documents is
acceptable for address verification

 As a general notice to bloggers,
the following documents are acceptable as address proof for Google Adsense account verification

1. Drivers license (this is the most common way of address verification in USA)

2. National ID Card,Voters Card

3. House/apartment registration document

4. International Passport

NOTE: The document you attach for address verification should have your name
and address, exactly matching the information you have provided in your AdSense

Also, it is a good idea to upload more than one document, just to make it
easier to convince the reviewer, especially if there is a slight mismatch in

Phone verification

Phone verification is available only for AdSense publishers from the following

1. China
2. France
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. UK
7. USA
8. Canada

Before now, my Adsense account was temporarily not displaying any Ads, so i had to endure it. See screenshort as at the time Google ads stop showing on my website.

How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Verified Without Receiving Your Pin

My Final Advice is that, if you own a blog and have been
applying to Google for an Adsense account, be careful with the kind of address
you use. And also if you own a Google Adsense account and have reached the $10 threshold,
have you made a request for your pin? If you have received it, fine. But if you
have not, just wait for one month from the date you made the request and request
a new pin again, do this three times. 
Thereafter, you can upload a valid
document to get your Google Adsense account fully verified.