How to Set-up Email Contact Form for Blogger Blogs With

Email Contact Form for Blogger Blogs With

Are you a new blogger, or already a member of the blogging ecosphere,,lol. Your welcome to this interesting tutorial, in  this tutorial you’ll learn how to easily set-up a standard Contact Form for blogger without stress in minutes.

If you are  a blogger and you do not have a Contact Form on your Contact Page then that is not advisable or possibly its not  professional, most especially if you have some items or gigantic products and  stuff online to market. The Contact Form simply commands respect and proportionally builds and establish trust. With a  good looking Contact Form like the one on our site’s contact page then you can secure more trust and respect for your product or service..

Wow! There are numerous free contact form providers, but to tell you vividly without retraction, Foxyform  is highly standard and professional and most importantly its completely free. As a matter of lesson, you don’t even have to sign up for an account before you can generate a contact form (HTML) for your blog or site yet works perfectly well.

How Foxyform works;

Foxyform is a completely free online contact form provider/platform that allows you to easily generate some “Contact Form HTML code within minutes  so you can install to a page on your site where people can send messages to you and it redirects them to your designated email. One thing that astonishes me completely about their service is, its highly professional and standard, but still its a none commercial site and above all its free from frequent advertising,also very easy and fun to use. Let’s see how we can use this service.
  1. Kindly visit
  2. Tick the boxes you feel are necessary for your site’s niche.
  3. Also tick the boxes by the right (the ones you feel are necessary. example: NAME, EMAIL, SUBJECT and MESSAGE are compulsory fields so it is important you check the opposite field)
  4. (Optional) Edit Form background, font color, font type and font size
  5. Provide an email where you  want all messages redirected.
  6. Go down and see the Preview It looks something like the image above.
  7. Having done all this 
  8. Go ahead and click on the Create Formular button.
  9. Copy code and head over to your blogger dashboard.

See the image below, that’s the whole process. 

How to Set-up Email Contact Form for Blogger Blogs With
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How to Install Contact Form Code to blogger

Go to Pages > Click New Page > Blank Page
When Page opens Click on HTML where you have your posting tools see image below

How to Set-up Email Contact Form for Blogger Blogs With
Paste code to the HTML section > Click on compose or Preview to see how it looks > Click Publish if you are down with the form.

How to Set-up Email Contact Form for Blogger Blogs With
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