Industry Challenge-Phosphorus Removal from Rivers and Wetlands

Industry Challenge-Phosphorus Removal from Rivers and Wetlands
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This is ultimately an invitation to a new type of challenge. Constantly and continually, industry challenges arises, new problems keep destabilizing the natural ecosystems and even humans.

Eutrophication, the process whereby a body of water becomes enriched with nitrogen and/or phosphorus leading to excessive growth of algae and other aquatic plants, is a major environmental problem. Algae blooms negatively impact human health and the environment in a number of ways, including decreased water quality for leisure and tourism, decreased drinking water quality, and increased mortality of fish and other aquatic organisms from oxygen depletion.

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 While eutrophication is a natural process, it is greatly accelerated and exacerbated by human activities. A major source of phosphorus pollution is intensive agriculture, which introduces high levels of phosphorus either through the application of chemical fertilizers or generation of animal excrement. The phosphorus from these and other anthropogenic sources is washed into nearby lakes, streams and wetlands.

Current technologies for the removal of phosphorus from waterways face a number of challenges, including high capital costs, large physical footprint, frequent maintenance, high waste removal costs, and limitations in operating range (temperature, pH, and ionic strength are frequent limiting factors for operation).

If you are accepted to work with the team, you will be working online with approximately 3-4 other Problem Solvers and one experienced Facilitator.

If you want to work on this challenge, please click the link below to confirm that you are available to focus your mind on this problem, part time, over the next 60-70 days and that you will be available for at least 1 or 2 online meetings each week:

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 Currently,participants to join a team working on the challenge mentioned above is highly needed; you and your team members will each be awarded $4,000 for a successful solution that sells within 8 months. A higher amount if you create a prototype.

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