Internet Service and the Power of Connectivity

internet access

The word “INTERNET” stands for international Network, simply put as NET. It comprises of all computers around the world,interconnected together to share resources and information irrespective of the underlying distance apart or geographical location. It invariably refers to a world wide communication platform or medium/pool from were people all over the world exchange, retrieve, disseminate and store information.This, as a result turns the world into a global village of diverse users, including government, or country that can claim single ownership of the ownership of the internet.

The computers within the internet are connected via ideal communication equipments including telephone lines (wired or wireless) and satellites.

What is Internet
The internet, simply put as the International Network is an electronic means of communication via a computer network, whereby distant people all over the globe/world can easily have internet access to information at any time in a matter of seconds. Information can be given to people all over the world to see and retrieve at the same time using computers and telephones. It is the fastest and the most reliable means of data and information transfer.

In today’s global domain, everybody needs effective and efficient internet access. Internet is a worldwide communication medium where people of diverse race from several ethnic group exchange, retrieve and disseminate/store information. If I may ask a good question; who owns the internet? The answer to this question is simply, No one person or organization owns the internet. It belongs collectively to communication networks.

Types of Internet connectivity

Dial-up connectivity
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Internet services are easy to afford this days, compared to the ancient period where accessing the internet is like traveling to space. There are three basic types of internet connectivity. These are Dial up connectivity, wireless connectivity, VSAT connectivity. The wireless connectivity is often called broadband connection.
These three forms of internet connectivity is been described below.

Dial-up connectivity- A dial up connectivity allows you to easily connect to the internet by paying into for an account with the internet service provider (ISP) Like NITEL SKANNET, INFOWEB,LINKSERVE,CYBERSPACE Etc.

The user will need a PC, a modern telephone line and suitable software in order to connects to the service. The phone line is used to dialed up the ISP and after verification, the ISP connects to the user to the internet. This type of internet service is very cheap and easily accessible.

Wireless  internet connectivity– The wireless internet connectivity, often called broadband connection is the most common type of the internet access. This is the type that exist in most cyber cafes, companies and other organization. The international network or internet significance in today’s global or web industry can’t be overlooked. The internet service provider ISP. Connected to the internet by satellite (VSAT) in turn give access to other subscribers through the high frequency radio signal .Wireless is better used in a LAN environment (Local Area Network) where a large computer known as server houses the radio equipment or any other communications equipment. The server is in turn connected to their chain of computers, network together by a device known as HUB or concentrator. The wireless or broadband internet access is more significant and extremely efficient and effective than the dial up access, but also more extensive.

VSAT Internet Connectivity– VSAT stands for very small Aperture Technology. It is a satellite technology and the most advanced internet access connectivity where there is complete absence of mast and telephones line. VSAT technology provides internet access via satellite without any other physical structure. This type allows ISPs internet services directly from the overseas country. The ISPs further sell the band with received through this means to the users by wireless or dial-up connectivity.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)-The internet service provider (ISP)  is often referee to Internet Access Provider (IAP). This is an organization that allows other individuals, organizations, corporate bodies and cyber cafes to get access to the internet. This made possibly by the ISPs sub-letting its bandwith (internet access) to other users through some communication equipments such as modem, telephones lines, radio equipment, antennae, satellite technology depending on the type of internet connectivity provided. If you may know, some of the prominent ISPs in Nigeria include NITEL SKANNET, INFOWEB,LINKSERVE, CYBERSPACE, etc. Foreign ISPs in Nigeria include cable and wireless internet access, ET Internet, Itinet, Telecom, Extra and Global online etc.

The power and Benefit derived from Internet access

1. Internet service provider (ISP) give users technical support.
2. ISPs ensure unlimited  internet access
3. It also freely provide without questions e-mail addresses to end users
4. ISPs makes available local telephone lines

The Pros of Internet Access
The internet has been a miracle, liberating the whole world from the era of slavery. During the ancient period, internet access was exclusively reserved for the rich and famous, but  now, due to innovative inventions and technologies, such experience is a subject of history. The users of the internet cut across various professional and non professional atmosphere. Users of the internet have access to the  Data bank and research information, quick and effective exchange of information, internet access to library facilities and service advertising.
The internet has also avail users the privileges to get connected to latest music,videos or theaters.

Internet service is now everywhere and free access to Educational information is not an exception. There is a lot of information on the internet  with regards to learning and co-education. Participation in online group discussion and chatting are made  possible by the power of the internet. The internet has been extremely advantageous in the following ways;

1. The internet can be accessed very easily at any time of the day from any region of the globe
2. It allows users to have access to a vast range of information from many different sources
3.Information provided on the internet is cheaper and frequent , which is extremely cost saving.
4. It provides up to date information on all spheres of human endeavors.

But despite all the noticeable and glowing advantages and benefit of internet access and connection, this has also increased the level of crimes and the disadvantage of internet access abound.
Internet access has create room for fraud and theft, continual hacking of information, raw data like passwords, credit card numbers,email addresses by hackers, spamming, virus threats, pornography, cyber war, and time management.


The internet has profoundly been of liberation, easy internet access has shortened long journeys and has healed so many wounds. Vital and useful information can now be easily accessed from any angle or conner of the world at any time. But the hazard created by this innovation is abound like passwords spamming, internet theft, virus threats, cyber war, hacking and loads of other criminal activities punishable by the law.