Basic Technology Examination Question For JSS2 in Nigeria


Subject:  Basic Technology     
Class:  JSS 2
1.The methods and processes develop by man for dealing with their physical
and biological environment  is called______  (a) technology
(b)  drawing   (c)   insurance    (d)geology
2.  A group of cells linked together is called   (a)   light (b) battery  (c)   plate   (d)   transistor
3.   Motion of any machine can be described in terms of    ______ and
____  (a)  complex    (b)  linear, rotary(c)  secondary , primary     (d)rotary,
4.      Wood can be preserved with ____ and ____  (a)  solignium, gamallin
20   (b)   Sulphuric acid, gamallin 20 (c)   creosote, sodium chloride
(d)  solignium, creosote
5.      The art of representing object, or scenes by the use of lines and angles
is   (a)   painting  (b)   colouring(c)  technical drawin(d)construction drawing
6.      A protractor is  a drawing material rectangles
7.       When sand, cement and water are mixed properly in adequate proportion ______ is the product  formed   (a)   concrete (b)  mortar   (c)  clay
8. Large quantity of grains can be stored in a structure know as _______
(a) pot  (b)   wardrobe    (c)  silo(d) roof
9.      The portion of a circle bounded by and arc and two radii is called _____
(a)   chord  (b) segment   (c)  sector (d)arc
10.  The representation of an object in a plane is  ______  drawing
(a) auxiliary   (b)   isometric   (c)perspective     (d)orthographic
11.  At the generating sub-station a ____ transformer is installed.  (a)
step-down    (b)   step-up  (c)   high tension     (d)low tension
12.   The art and skill of assembling and fastening two or more pieces of wood together is   (a)  wood joining    (b) framing  (d)   joinery  fixing point
13. The mixture of cop[per and aluminium is ____  (a) brass  (b)
zinc   (c)  lead     (d)  bronze
14.    Levers have the following   parts except   (a)  effort arm   (b)   fulcrum   (c)   load arm     (d)pushing arm
15. Electric pressing iron consists of the heating elements made of _____  (a)
chromium   (b)    copper   (c)michrone    (d)silver
16. The following are properties of metals  except   (a)  Brittleness  (b)   density    (c) elasticity       (d)plasticity
17.   The units of both energy and work is   (a) amphere  (b)   joule   (c)  newton
(d)   watt
18. A boy riding a bicycle is involved in the conversion of  _____ energy to
____ energy   (a) kinetic, mechanical     (b)  kinetic, potential     (c)  kinetic,
sound      (d) potential , kinetic
19.   1.5amp
The diagram above is ?
(a)    Alternating current      (b)  direct current     (c)  parallel   circuit
(d)  series circuit
20.The total resistance of the above diagram is?  (a)  2 Ω (b)  6
Ω    (c)  22 Ω
(d) 30Ω
Answer only 3 questions
1a. Define Latex
b.   State five methods of processing plastic materials
2a. What is the difference between the natural rubber and synthetic rubber
b.   What is a pictorial drawing
3a. State any five rules which must be obeyed when using work shop machines
b.   State the five basic machines tools
4a. The wood work machines is define as   ____
b.   State two basic types of machine saws.

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