How to Create Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog

How to Create Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog


page rank and Alexa rank are among the major factors which decide the attractiveness
 and popularity of blogs or sites. Alexa
seems to be undergoing series of dynamic and consistent changes, and recently Alexa acquired new design and due to this fact, people who were using old Alexa widget are not
working perfectly.

service offers a widget for Bloggers which they can embed on their blog. for
myself, I have seen loads of improvement in my Alexa ranking after putting
Alexa widget on my blog. This actually helps Alexa to keep exact count of
visitors on your blog. If you have not added Alexa widget, I would suggest you
to add it on your blog.

Alexa introduced of recent a plus to a new way to add widget on various blogs.
Alexa added a new section for Site owners which can be used to verify the
ownership and add and edit details about your site. This is very useful, if you
have a good alexa ranking site, you can add comprehensive feature about your
site and make your site Alexa profile look more proficient.
The two main factors that decides your website’s popularity is Alexa rank and Google Page rank. Alexa shows in
sequence, a precise information for every websites internationally, therefore,
adding your website details in Alexa is a good idea. Recently I shared a post
on  claiming and submitting your site in Alexa. I this this short post, I will
illustrate effortlessly how to create and add Alexa ranking widget in your
website or blog.
why is Alexa rank imperative? Alexa shows the global traffic rank for a website
and it is a competitive intelligence tool that is used to measure and compare
your website with competitors. The ranking figure helps advertisers to analyze
the marketing aptitude of your website. If you have a good ranking in Alexa
then these advertisers will be ready to buy an advertising space on your
website for a really high price.
are more than a few strategies to increase your blog rankings in Alexa and one
that quite helps to boost your ranking is by adding Alexa ranking widget. For
Bloggers and webmasters, Alexa offers a widget which you can add it in your
blog. By embedding the Alexa widget your site visitors will have a quick look
at your website rank. If your website has a good ranking in Alexa then place
this widget and show off your rank. Creating and adding Alexa ranking widget is
very simple; here is how you do it.

How to create and add Alexa
ranking widget in your website or blog

Proceed to Alexa >> Site owners
>> widgets
 and the next text/information you will see will be;

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>
Now, all you have to do is Just change to your website in two places in the HTML snippet below, and then copy and paste it into your website’s HTML:

 Alexa Rank Widget

Plugin to Add Alexa Widget
I strongly presume there
is also a 3rd party free Alexa WordPress plugin which you can use to show your
Alexa rank in sidebar. This free plugin can be downloaded from here and once you have  successfully install and activate it, gently proceed to your WordPress widgets section and drop  drop the Alexa Rank widget in your sidebar. All you need to configure here is the
domain name. Replace default domain name with your existing domain name.