How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger

How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger
Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger with this easy steps, which i will show you in this short tutorial; firstly, you have to understand this; be careful not to destroy and waste the precious time you have put in creating and crafting a good looking blog for yourself.Few days ago i posted a short tutorial on How to easily customize your Blogger template Design in 3 Simple Steps, i trust you will love it.

Let me walk you through this simple steps on how to install a
third party template
 to your blogger blog. After creating a blog on  blogspot, the next thing that is absolutely
expected is to incorporate a good and quality theme in order to boost your traffic
and show your design potential; you want to use some good theme, revamp it to
make it look professional and exceptional. That starts from installing a third party theme on your blog to make it look more specialized, good-looking,
only one of its kind and less like a characteristic blog.

Have you noticed that default themes are great, but seriously i dislike them. My friends said using it is really exhausting, they are
a bit too well-liked and are gone clichéd, even if blogger launch a new theme
today, before long it’ll be all over the blogging sphere and will also go worn-out.
Nonetheless, speaking from experience, it is best
to  stick with blogger default theme if you can’t edit your theme from the HTML,
this is because most  blogger third party default
themes can only be edited down from the HTML. You are
not advised to use a third party template if you can’t edit themes;
editing blog themes won’t start from the first day, it might not even be the
first month.

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Making the decision  is rather simple, but are you ready, let’s
start from here; Let me push  you through
the steps on how to install a third party theme to blogger.

By the way, some third party themes can be edited
from blogger template designer. These are mostly premium themes – Whatever your
decision is, make sure to check if it can be edited from the template designer
after uploading. There’s no hazard after uploading, you can always revert back
to the former blogger official theme but if you’ve edited the theme, then
make sure to back it up first before uploading a new theme.

Take NOTE;

  • Before uploading a new theme, make sure to download and
    save your current theme if you’ve done some major editing on it.
  • Always back up your theme before you start editing,
    whether from the HTML or from Blogger Template Designer.
1. How to Install Third
Template Theme on Blogger

Ensure that Before uploading,  you have downloaded
a theme you intend to use. And if it is on a zip folder make sure to unzip it, copy the theme to
your PC document or Notepad, personal folder or desktop. If the zip folder comes with a read me note, you may read it for
better understanding. You can also make use of Zamzar to convert the file to zip format and extract the desired template for use.

  • From blogger dashboard
  • Click “More Option
  • Click “Template
  • Look to the top right, click “Backup/Restore
    button – A small window pops up
  • On the pop up window, click choose file,
    another window pops up
  • Select theme from where you copied or saved it to
  • Having done that, click Upload and we are done
  • Go reload your page and see how it looks.

 2. Follow the illustrations below and carefully

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard > Template.

How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger

  1. Carefully Press Backup/Restore Button.

How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger
3. Popup Menu Like the one Below  Will Be Opened. Press Download full template Button To Download Your Current Template To Save It As Backup In Your Pc.
How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger
4. After your through with step 3 above,  Hit Browse Button And Select Downloaded Template(Which You Want To Install In Your Blog.).
How to Easily Install Third Party Template Theme on Blogger

  1. Now click on  Upload Button To Upload It To Your Blog.

Excellently done!  Your Template Is Successfully Uploaded And Installed  on your blog. You can visit your Blog to see the new Third Party Template installed.
Kindly share this, if you find it informative and useful. Use the comment box in case you have any additional tips or information.