My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

Apple iPhone 6s Plus


  • Pros

Apple iPhone 6s Plus is  a Smartphone  of unquestionable brilliance, With its best-of-the-best power packed camera, engrossed with built-in optical image stabilizer (OIS), taking and sending of photos becomes a hobby. Additionally, the 6s Plus’s battery life is tremendously remarkable and worth your once in a life time experience.

  • Cons
Even though, Apple iPhone 6s Plus is the best ever Smartphone from Apple. The heaviness of this device is an issue, although not to many. Especially for phablet lovers.
Apple yield to market demands and fashioned a phablet. But seeing an unbiased giant been extensively confident and competent makes the whole business interesting. The first iPad
mini was proportionally in a gradient of its own, provisionally due to its screen size and facet relative amount. The phablet, in addition, is dragged into a tougher competition away from comfort zone. For the first time, I can see Apple been extra cautious and wavering. They are in it to win however.
 The iPhone 6s Plus is a Smartphone with immense generation impact. Without doubt, the iPhone 6s plus is gigantic coupled with its sparkling surface morphology. Based on my analysis and views I have never seen a mobile phone/device as huge as this, trust me. Although just somewhat
superior to last year’s model, what I sense is like Apple took an iPad Mini, shrunk it down to almost phone dimension, endow it with antenna and set it in a box.
However, with its elegant and brilliant upgraded iOS 9 platform. Everybody now have a reason to
dance and smile. Honestly there’s much here to find irresistible. Speaking about the phone’s camera, the camera simultaneously trumps everything else yet at large in a flagship device. Its new A9 processor stormed through a predefined graphics benchmarks, and for the first time without much anticipated failure, I was not saddened by the phone’s battery. Very striking as I have seen from any existing age band Smartphone.
If size makes you happy at the expense of your job, then iPhone 6s Plus is a bonus. Earnestly speaking, even in a full-size duo of hands, this phone is ludicrously large.
Unboxing the Apple iPhone 6 Plus
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review


My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review
The Apple iPhone 6 Plus comes in a hefty white box with the usual accessories: a 1A charger, a detachable Lightning cable, a pair of EarPods and a SIM eject tool.
Based on tested hypothesis, it was observed that iPhone 6 Plus takes in 1.25A from the 2.4A iPad Air charger and 1A from its own and other chargers. Generally, it shaves off 25% of the charge time if you have an iPad charger at hand.
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review


The iPhone 6 Plus symbolizes the prime dive in iPhones since the iPhone 4, and will have implications for the iPads almost certainly. Apple discarded calibrating the original 320 x 480 resolution based on a range of factors and steps forward to an industry standard of 1080p.This definitely implies that without reservation, the iPhone can demonstrate Full HD video at 1:1, sharp display, precise and scintillating configuration and also represents the first soar in pixel density since the iPhone 4.
These days, seeing the influx of traffic to online stores and market places for big-screen phones, take it or leave it; it seems that 5.5 inches is the new common. But the dilemma is that comparable big phones have revamp their designs for high efficacy; but iPhone 6s Plus still remains awkwardly unchanged. Existing with a 5.5-inch display, it is still broad and lofty than contending phones with 5.7-inch screens. Honestly, the Plus is particularly big for one-handed use but it’s not an iPad mini 2 so it will feel overcrowded at first for two-handed use. As plentiful bigger Androids have confirmed that end-users get accustomed to it faster.
If size makes you feel relieve, without retraction, iPhone 6 Plus is absolutely the catch, if you’ve got the money to spree.
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review
The noticeable differences between the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, excluding the screen size, is the almighty camera. despite the fact that the core attributes of the two phones are the same – 12MP, an ƒ/2.2 aperture, a 5MP front-facing camera and so forth – the 6s Plus’s larger frame gives room for built-in optical image stabilization (OIS).
Technically, the OIS bodily moves the camera’s mechanism within their covering to reimburse for the quiver of your hand or the shove the phone takes when you perturb the shutter button.
Although the iPhone 6s uses digital stabilization, successively running photos through special algorithms to remove vague impression, the 6s Plus energetically changes the trail that light takes through the camera itself.
This entirely sharpens the photo before a digital file is ever formed. Speaking too much is not my tradition, but without much reservation by extension, OIS is the way to go if you want the best-of-the-best Smartphone camera.
Internal specification
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review
All through my days as a reviewer, I have never seen a device with such impeccable operational capacity. Compared with likes of similar big screen phones such as Moto X Pure Edition, the OnePlus 2, the LG G4, Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 and little brother iPhone 6, the bigger 6 Plus outperform its little brother and distinguished itself without ambiguity. Although With the A9-powered 6s and 6s Plus, Apple again takes the performance glory.
Furthermore, both the iPhone 6 and the bigger 6 Plus computational capabilities are about on equivalence, although iPhone 6s Plus performed somewhat poorer than the 6s, since it had to manage about 97 percent its speeds, when tested.  Convincingly speaking without retraction, this
is due to the verity that the 6s Plus has to drive more pixels with the same processor.

Their graphics processing is spectacularly fast – All glory to the Metal API and numerous striking silicon atoms, the iPhone 6s Plus seemingly invaded asterisk benchmarks, stirring up border rates over twofold as high as what the Note5 could assemble. I bet you will marvel at what you will see, the fastest operating mobile device I have ever seen.

Battery Capacity
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review
The iphone 6s Plus’s battery life is as exciting as we’ve seen from any existing
generation Smartphone. Arguably, with the iPhone’s record of feeble battery life, one might wonder what a 2750 mAh battery capacity might offer in this era of epileptic power supply. Notwithstanding it outperformed the Galaxy Note5 practically, managing approximately 11 hours of steady web browsing and gaming in an untailored use test.
However, conservatively operating on Apple’s new low-power mode once or twice, or days, habitually ended with about 40 percent power in the residual tank.
Moreover, if you consider gaming over your day-to –day meal, expect less-impressive domino
effect. Based on simulation of constant high-end gaming and graphics rendering, the 6s Plus shut down after seven and a half hours. Roughly three hours longer than what the iPhone 6s managed but three hours shorter than the Galaxy Note5.
With such performance differences between the 6s Plus and Note5, this wasn’t a shock; because if you’re a fan of Apple, you should know that Apple’s phone apparently deliver extensive smoother gaming experiences at the expense of battery life.
Akin to all iPhones, the 6s Plus doesn’t have an effortlessly removable battery or favours
rapid wireless charging. You can’t hot-swap cells if you’re not in operation low, nor can you quickly fuel up if you have 20 minutes additional. But all this is a plus with your power bank very close.
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review
Nonetheless, the true and conspicuous feature in the new iPhone 6s plus is the 3D Touch it
renders. All praise to a pressure-sensitive layer beneath the display, the phones can now sense how hard you’re pushing down on the screen, can you believe that, just get one and confirm your uncertainty. Coupled with the conventional collection of included tech gadgets and essentials– Bluetooth 4.2, an NFC chip for Apple Pay, a bevy of positional sensors – Apple did upgraded our preferred fingerprint scanner to be even quicker and more precise than ever before.
How it tends to measures up against Google’s newly announced Nexus impression remains
to be seen, but for the moment, Touch ID is the best biometric security we’ve used on a phone, even a newbie phone user can sense that.
There are hardly any playful uses for 3D Touch, like animating the phone’s new wallpapers forward and backward, but the two primary functions the technology\brings on board are steal a look and bang. When you force down on something that supports 3D Touch – Apple’s included apps are
great for this – you can peek into its contents. The Mail app is a perfect example: Press on an email message in your inbox with enough force and you can peek into the message itself, read the first few lines of text and decide whether it’s worth your time.
Let go your finger and the message reverts to normal in your inbox, still marked as unread. If your back and decides on a Push harder  action, clearly the message pops to full screen, entirely open with all the controls you expect to have. Swipe up while peeking at the message and you get a selection of options – Reply, Forward, Mark Unread and so forth. Just so amazing.
Just of recent, for the tech expert, Peek and pop have been labeled as the right-click of generation
Smartphone, and it’s an appropriate portrayal.
Once non-native applications begins by supporting it, 3D Touch could well mean quicker
direction-finding and administration of your email, photos, podcasts and credentials.
Temporarily, though, it’s slightly modest more than originality. We have high hopes for the technology, but hopes they remain unswervingly dynamic for a longer period.
Key features:
·Metal unibody, 7.1mm slim, 172g of weight
·LTE connectivity (Cat. 4, 150Mbps downlink)
·5.5″ 1,080 x 1,920 LED-backlit IPS LCD with 401 ppi pixel density
·Apple iOS 8; iPad-like split-screen functionality
·Dual-core 1.4 GHz Apple A8 chipset, M8 motion co-processor, PowerVR GX6450 GPU, 1GB of RAM
·8MP F/2.2 camera with True tone LED flash, Optical Image Stabilization, phase detection auto focus, 1080p@30fps and @60fps video recording, 720p@120fps and 240fps video recording, 1.2MP F/2.2 front-facing camera with BSI sensor and HDR mode.
·16/64/128GB of built-in storage
·Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the Home button
·2,915mAh battery
Main disadvantages:
·Hard to use single-handedly, unimpressive screen to body ratio (6″ Androids fit in the same footprint)
·No microSD slot
·Pricey memory upgrades, 32GB version should be standard for such an expensive phone
·No user-replaceable battery
·Protruding camera lens makes the phone wobble if you don’t have a case on
·Camera is still merely 8MP four years in a row (granted, it’s getting better every with every new generation)
·No 4K video and video sound is still mono
·No enhanced resistance to liquids or dust
·NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay
·Rather pricey for a flagship (without carrier subsidies) that misses some of the extras of the competition, such as stereo speakers, wireless charging, an infrared port, or FM radio
My Summary 
My Candid Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review


With the Apple iPhone 6s Plus  gathering such plus momentum in all ramification, ranging from Plus-size screen, plus-size battery, plus-size routine, plus-size restraint – the 6s Plus seems unwavering to be paid its mark. Moreover, I feel this is a good job which in turn is a good business: without retraction, so many notable observers including me is tremendously pleased by its permanence and blown away by its processor.
 Notwithstanding, although, when a mobile device or phone is too good with high utilities it can
create a huge vacuum, thus yearning for a smaller  mobile phone  with  cross examined similar abilities waxing high.
Finally, if the phrase “phablet” doesn’t provoke your displeasure, the iPhone 6s Plus is
the best Smartphone you can buy, if you’ve got extra cash to spree. If at some
point you desire something more manageably sized, there’s always the iPhone 6s
to catch.